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Thursday, October 05, 2006

it's dark now. you should head home.

I might've mentioned this before, but we fucking love Pink Nasty. If you're not familiar with Ms. Nasty, imagine a slightly more neurotic and hilarious Neko Case, or a much more badass Jenny Lewis, and you'd be getting close. We've had a crush on Pink since we saw her open for Jose Gonzalez at SXSW '06, so needless to say, we're excited about the release of her new album, Mold the Gold. This song, featuring the voice of the great Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Ms. Nasty's completely insane brother Black Nasty (really NSFW), is one of the highlights. As for the subject matter of the song, we'll let Pink tell it:

"its about when i was living at home in wichita and i was bored and depressed out of my fucking mind and then all of the sudden the BTK killer resurfaces and starts spooking the whole town out so i wrote this song about being bored but still thinking you could get strangled and masturbated on any moment. it features the disembodied voices of paul and will oldham and black nasty. i picture them wearing top hats with curly snowy mustaches when they sing this part!"

Pink Nasty BTK Blues mp3

There's another song w/ Mr. Will Oldham on the album, and kids, that one's worth the price of admission; it's called "Don't Ever Change." Pink calls it "a power duet" that will "no doubt replace 'The Time of My Life' as one of music's most enduring ballads."

buy Mold The Gold here.

See Pink Nasty perform in Austin at The Parish on Oct. 11 with Mark Kozolek.

Black Nasty, who produced the album, also plays in The Kevins. Read an article about the Nasty siblings in Harp Magazine



Here's the playlist from our SIRIUS show last night:

1. Susan Christie--"Paint a lady"
2. Swan Lake--"Widow's Walk"
3. Sparklehorse--"Don't take my sunshine away"
4. St. Vincent--"Now Now"
5. Alela Diane--"Pieces of String"
6. The Long Winters--"Honest"
7. The Knife--"Heartbeats (One Music Session)"
8. The Knife--"You Take My Breath Away"
9. The Knife--"We Share Our Mother's Health (ratatat remix)"
10. The Knife--"Bird"
11. RJD2--"1976"
12. M.I.A.--"Sunshowers (diplo remix)"
13. Madvillain--"All Caps"
14. Justice vs. Simian--"We Are Your Friends"
15. Mark Ronson--"Just" (radiohead cover)
16. Ghostface Killah--"Run (ratatat remix)"
17. Masta Killa--"Iron god Chamber"
18. MF Doom--"Rhymes like Dimes"
19. G-Unit--"Stunt 101 (ratatat remix)"
20. Yeah Yeah Yeahs--"Cheated Hearts (peaches remix)"
21. White Denim--"wet sand"
22. Love is All--"ageing had never been his friend"
23. the Prototypes--"ici ou peut-etre demain"
24. Ghostland Observatory--"midnight voyage"
25. The polyphonic spree--"lithium"
26. Johnny and the moon--"kid heaven"
27. Love--"alone again or"
28. Sufjan Stevens--"sister"

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Anonymous Steph said...

Is there any way to listen to the Sirius mixes if you are not subscribed?

You should post them as a podcast!

10:57 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

The Kevins = best band name ever.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at good records on friday.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Lacey Jane said...

black and pink got nothing on their uncle rickie aka Red Nasty. He shoots gorilla dung from his nostrils and live wildebeests run from his ass. no joke.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Dodge said...

the Knife four pack was great.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Ricardo said...

i agree with steph. a podcast would be tits.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:08 AM  
Anonymous T.J. said...

Unfortunately Pink Nasty doesnt live up to the name, Its bogus and not very 'Nasty' or 'Pink'. Just another cute name with nothing to back it up. Another stylish coaster to add to the collection.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was listening to the show the other day and forgot to write down the name of the gent that covers/mixes radiohead. Any help here? thx

12:12 PM  
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