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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pitchfork Festival: CSS

Just got back from Chi-town, and we had a blast at the Pitchfork Fest (full recap coming tomorrow, complete with a bunch of random pics). I don't plan on posting a bunch of photos of each set, but I had to share some shots from what was the most fun (arguably) and sweatiest (inarguably) set of the weekend: Cansei De Ser Sexy.

CSS This Month Day 10 mp3

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Best of July

We're on our way back to Dallas today, but since today is the last day of July, here's my monthly "Best of" for those of you who don't have time to wade through the b.s. I compose on a daily basis. Enjoy, and we'll be back tomorrow with pics from the weekend:

This is our most played song of the month, hands down, and we're still not even remotely sick of it:

Ratatat Wildcat mp3

While "Wildcat" is our most played song of the month, DeVotchKa is probably our most listened to band. We love their score for Little Miss Sunshine so much it's ridiculous, and we can't WAIT to see this movie:

DeVotchKa How It Ends mp3

We posted on four amazing Austin bands this month, and we still can't get enough of any of them. I'm only lumping them together due to time constraints, each track deserves your undivided attention:

Tacks, the Boy Disaster Paris mp3
The Early Tapes Betty & Thomas mp3
The Weird Weeds One-eyed Cloud mp3
Car Stereo (Wars) Ghostface Observatory mp3

Here are two songs we didn't expect to love as much as we do, and we're waiting to snap out of it at any moment. It doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon, either, and I'm not sure what this says about us:

Teddybears Yours to Keep mp3
Poni Hoax Budapest mp3

Our favorite demo of the month comes from New York's Sam Champion...can't wait to hear their new stuff:

Sam Champion So Good To Me mp3

Finally, The African Game inspired our first (and probably our last) book review, and we still love it. Probably because there are lots of pictures.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006


It has been said that today's lineup at the Pitchfork Festival "could very well be the best day in the history of live music." Yeah, it was us that said that, but that's beside the point. The point is, original lineup or not, I get to see Os Mutantes today, so yay for me.

Os Mutantes Ando Meio Desligado mp3

Here's a video of the band performing the song live at The Barbican Hall in London back in May.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'd Rather Go Blind

After a couple missed encounters at SXSW and in Dallas, we finally get to see Man Man today at the Pitchfork Festival. Based on the sheer number of people that have rubbed in how awesome they are and how we're huge losers for missing them, I'll be disappointed by anything less than the best show ever. We'll let you know. On that note, here's the least-representative Man Man song we could find:

Man Man I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James cover) mp3

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Friday, July 28, 2006


We're up in Chicago right now for the Pitchfork Fest, probably attempting to weasel our way into Wrigley for the Cubs-Cards game as you read this. I'm hoping to update sporadically from the road, and you can expect photos and a recap on Monday...for now, let me tell you about Herbert's newest album, Scale:

Matthew Herbert used over 700 items (musical and otherwise) to create his genius new record, Scale, including "coffins, petrol pumps, meteorites, an RAF Tornado Bomber, and somebody being sick outside a banquet for a notorious London arms fair." All that might sound extraneous and downright gimmicky in the hands of a lesser producer, but Herbert masterfully employs all these elements to create warm, intelligent, and often politically-charged dance music. Oh, and getting the lovely Dani Siciliano to contribute vocals doesn't hurt.

On this track, Herbert busts out drums recorded in a hot-air balloon to create what Prefixmag called "straight old-school soul-inflected house with the strings to back it up."

Herbert Like a Moving Train mp3


Here's a great remix Herbert did for Jamie Lidell's "Multiply":

Jamie Lidell Multiply (Herbert's Hoedown Bump) mp3

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

honey is cool

honey is cool

You guys might have noticed that I have an affinity (some might call it an obsession) for Swedish duo The Knife. Their newest, Silent Shout, is one of my favorite releases of '06, and Deep Cuts is one of my favorite releases of, well, ever. I love everything about them: the somewhat mysterious aesthetic, including the fact that they've never really performed live before this record, and most of all, Karin Dreijer's beautifully dark/sweet vocals.

So with that established, we were obviously ecstatic to obtain a copy of Honey Is Cool's 1997 LP, Crazy Love. Honey Is Cool was Karin's previous band, and they made the kind of perfect, highly-addictive pop that Swedish children are bred for, and that I believe was recently patented by the country. Throw Karin's voice in the mix, and I could listen to this stuff all day long. I believe this was the first (and possibly only?) single from the record:

Honey Is Cool Nach Heart mp3

This next track, more than any other song on the album, sounds like a pre-cursor to what Karin would end up doing on early records from The Knife. Okay, we admit that's a bit of a stretch, but it's more than the standard guitar/drums paired with that inimitable voice:

Honey Is Cool Twinkle mp3



Here's our SIRIUS Blog Radio: Week 9 playlist from last night...Midlake picked the second half of the playlist, so I've broken it down by band member:

Midlake--"We gathered in spring"
The Black--"Wasn't it a good year"
The Early Tapes--"betty & thomas"
Tacks, The Boy Disaster--"Man with a plan"
Zykos--"keep it light"
Martin Crane--"on an evening"
car stereo (wars)--"ghostland gets bossy"
Elvis Perkins--"Ash Wednesday"
Chad Vangaalen--"red hot drops"
Midlake--"Head Home"

Tim Smith of Midlake:

America--"Ventura Highway"
Jimmie Spheeris--"I am the mercury"
Neil Young--"here we are in the years"

Paul Alexander of Midlake:

Fleetwood Mac--"Dreams"
America--"I need you"
Isao Tomita--"Arabesque No. 1"

Eric Pulido of Midlake:

Fleetwood Mac--"Hold me"
The Band--"whispering pines"
ELO--"livin' thing"

Eric Nichelson of Midlake:

The Doobie Brothers--"What a fool believes"
Crosby, Stills, & Nash--"You Don't Have to Cry"
Joni Mitchell--"Banquet"

Mckenzie Smith of Midlake:

David Bowie--"Oh! You Pretty Things"
Billy Joel--"Movin' Out"
Bread--"everything I own"

Finally, Justin of Aquarium Drunkard is back and posting again after a couple months on the road. Welcome back, dude.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Last time Tapes 'n Tapes rolled through Dallas, they introduced me to the sounds of their friends and fellow Minnesotans Duplomacy. The band is already getting quite a bit of attention in their home town of Minneapolis, and they felt pretty certain these dudes were set to blow up once they released their new LP, All These Long Drives. Duplomacy makes layered, dreamy, pristine pop, and they've already garnerered comparisons to Pavement, REM, Nada Surf, and pre-suck Death Cab for Cutie (and all of these are actually pretty valid). Here are a couple of my favorites from the album:

Duplomacy Coppertone mp3
Duplomacy The Stroll mp3

Listen to a couple more songs from All These Long Drives on myspace, and purchase the album here


Said the Gramophone has a great Ratatat remix of The Knife's "We Share Our Mother's Health."

My favorite left-coasters Birdmonster and Division Day have announced their summer tour, complete with a Dallas date on August 23.

Finally, Tapes 'n Tapes played "Insistor" on Letterman last night. No YouTube version yet, but how about a crappy video of some people at Minneapolis' Hexagon Bar watching the show?

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isle of view/i love you

Jimmie Spheeris

Midlake's my guest on tomorrow night's SIRIUS Blog Radio show, and their playlist choices might give you some insight into how the band's amazing new record, The Trials of Van Occupanther, came to be. Frontman Tim Smith chose a track by Jimmie Spheeris, an artist I was entirely unfamiliar with prior to hearing this song. In fact, Smith called Spheeris' rare 1971 debut LP Isle of View his "favorite album of all time."

Jimmie Spheeris I Am The Mercury mp3

buy Isle of View on amazon for 100 bucks.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the original hilton sisters

Marissa Nadler

The more I listen to Marissa Nadler, the more I regret missing her intimate (maybe 10 people) show at Red Hunter's loft during SXSW. I've always thought that Marissa sounds a little like Neko Case, if Neko had born around the turn-of-the-century (the 20th century, kids) . Her sad and entirely haunting reverb-heavy vocals are perfectly suited for ballads lamenting such tragic figures as the original Hilton Sisters (no, not those morons):

Violet & Daisy Hilton

Daisy and Violet Hilton were a pair of conjoined twins who toured in the U.S. sideshow and vaudeville circuit in the 1930s. The Hilton Sisters "were among the highest paid sideshow performers in history, earning up to $5,000 per week during the height of the Great Depression. They appeared on stage with performers such as Bob Hope and Harry Houdini, and on film in Tod Browning's Freaks (1932), and in the excruciatingly terrible bio-pic Chained for Life (1950). Sadly, a string of lovers treated the twins just as badly, financially speaking, as had their former managers. Ill-equipped professionally or emotionally to manage their own affairs, the Hilton Sisters gained and lost several fortunes." On January 6, 1969, the twins were found dead in their home of the Hong Kong Flu. (source)In other news, Marissa has just signed to Peacefrog Records (home of Nouvelle Vague and Jose Gonzalez) for the release of her next full-length record, due sometime this year. She will also be contributing her version of "Cortez the Killer" to an upcoming compilation of woman artists covering Neil Young songs. Finally, and perhaps most intriguingly, Marissa will take part in a BBC Radio One recording session with Vashti Bunyan. Anybody that gets me an mp3 of either wins a prize.

Hear more Marissa Nadler on myspace.



Paris' Toy Fight keeps getting better with each song. I'm really digging this new one. Head over to their myspace page to download three more.

Toy Fight The Soldier mp3

Finally, The Long Winters' new record, Putting The Days To Bed, comes out today. John Roderick explains some of the lyrics to Indie Interviews.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

We were already excited about the release of Little Miss Sunshine (starring Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, and more) this Wednesday, and that was before we heard the stunning DeVotchKa-composed score. Forget that the soundtrack features two Sufjan songs AND Rick James (bitches), the DeVotchKa songs are the highlight. If you're unfamiliar with this band, pick up the score here (it's a great place to start), then go see the movie.

DeVotchKa How It Ends mp3

Stereogum has DeVotchKa's video for another track from the score, "'Til the End of Time."


The Anchor Center has an awesome video and mp3 of Cold War Kids performing "Hospital Beds" in Cincy over the weekend.

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Red Hot Drops

Chad Vangaalen's Infiniheart was one of my favorite records of 2004, and again of 2005, and I'm slowly but surely falling in love with his newest LP, Skelliconnection. According to Sub Pop, the album "was culled from hundreds of songs Chad has recorded over the last year or so, while holed up in his bare bones basement home studio. Using handmade instruments alongside those available to mere mortals, he's created an even more diverse assemblage of music than for his last album and debut..."

When this track popped up randomly on my iPod the other day, the spooky, quivering synth had me convinced for about 30 seconds it was some B-side from Silent Shout. Then I saw the video, featuring Vangaalen's otherworldly animation, and I was hooked.

Chad Vangaalen Red Hot Drops mp3

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

i'm bossy

I posted Austin's Car Stereo (Wars)' first-ever mashup last week, and VH1's Best Week Ever proceeded to say it "might be the hippest mash-up in history." Not bad for your first try, guys, but what you got next?

Car Stereo (Wars) Ghostland Gets Bossy mp3

It's safe to say these dudes are 2 for 2. Check 'em out on myspace.


Chris from Car Stereo (Wars) also directed this video for Single Frame's "People Are Germs (Nick Zinner remix)." There's even a cameo by Zinner himself, as a "mad scientist DJ."

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

ventura highway

Midlake is playing at Hailey's tonight, and to mark the U.S. release of The Trials of Van Occupanther, I've asked them to guest-host my SIRIUS Blog Radio show this week (Wednesday at 10 EST.) The playlist these guys have put together for you is, somewhat expectedly, heavy on the '70s classics, and it's probably my favorite playlist yet. This is the music I grew up on.

Here's a quick preview: The boys in Midlake chose two America songs, including this classic:

America Ventura Highway mp3



"What the Stones were, what the Dandy Warhols should've been."
--Magnet Magazine on Lions In The Street

Yeah, that above quote was probably enough to make you groan a little or at least roll your eyes, but it was also probably enough to make you want to listen. Luckily, Lions In The Street have made their new EP available for free download here. Here's a sample, it's actually pretty good:

Lions In The Street Lady Blue mp3

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Friday, July 21, 2006


Way too much good shit going on tonight, so here we go:

Don't miss The Weird Weeds, Possessed By Paul James, and W-S Burn, in their first-ever Texas performance. The Weird Weeds' Nick Hennies tells me that W-S Burn is his "absolute favorite band in the world right now," so be sure to get there early:

W-S Burn Something Borrowed mp3


Four of North Texas' best young bands are playing at Rubber Gloves tonight, and all for only 5 bucks. Voot Cha Index just finished this new song, and some people (me) are calling it their best yet:

Voot Cha Index Japan mp3



I'll be spinning upstairs at The Cavern, but the place to be is downstairs, for a great bill featuring Saxon Shore, Denison Witmer, and Dallas' own Red Monroe. Here's a track from Red Monroe's upcoming self-titled album, out August 22:

Red Monroe Shotgun Heart/Fingertips mp3

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

songs that you might not like

I discovered Seattle's BOAT thanks to Matt's posts on the band, and now that I've obtained a copy of their new full-length, Songs That You Might Not Like, I can't stop listening. Their sound has been coined "sloppy pop," and that's pretty spot-on (only in the best sense of the word, sort of like The Unicorns.)

The record contains "clapping/snapping/whistling/guitar solos/saxophone sounding accordians/bleeping keyboards/distorted piano/oohs/la la's/shouting/singing/even some broken theremin sounds," yet BOAT's somehow able to rein all those elements in to create playful, catchy-as-hell pop jams that will lodge themselves into your heads and your hearts and refuse to come out.

Many of these gems (including both of the following tracks) clock in either under or right at two minutes long, yet still manage to feel fully-developed and entirely satisfying:

BOAT Holding All the Globes mp3
BOAT Cans of Paint mp3

Purchase Songs That You Might Not Like (you will) here for only $10



Last night's SIRIUS Blog Radio Week 8 Playlist

1. Midlake--"Young Brides (Cassettes Won't Listen remix)"
2. Lovage--"Stroker Ace"
3. Handsome Boy Modeling School--"I've Been Thinking (feat. Cat Power)"
4. Massive Attack--"Exchange"
5. The Evening Episode--"Lovely Creatures"
6. Air--"All I Need"
7. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas--"Feel AM"
8. A Band of Bees--"Punchbag"
9. Serge Gainsbourg--"Je t'aime Moi non Plus"
10. Cat Power--"I Love You (feat. Karen Elson)"
11. Astrud Gilberto--"My Foolish Heart"
12. Ms. Tyree "Sugar" Jones--"If You Feel It"
13. Tommy Shames & The Shondells--"Crimson & Clover"
14. Handsome Boy Modeling School--"Sunshine (feat. Sean Lennon)"
15. Broken Social Scene--"Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl"
16. Feist--"Leisure Suite"
17. Bjork--"Hyperballad"
18. Cibelle--"Arrete La, Menina (feat. Seu Jorge)"
19. The Cure--"Close To Me (closet remix)"
20. Isobel Cambell--"Bang Bang"
21. Juana Molina--"Rio Seco"
22. The Knife--"Bird"
23. M83--"Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck remix)"
24. Jose Gonzalez--"Hints"
25. The Shivers--"Beauty"

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

stroke that

Just a quick reminder to check out our SIRIUS Radio show tonight at 10 (9 Central). Entitled "Music to Make Love To Your Old Lady By," this episode features songs that...uh, yeah, it's self-explanatory. You may think the premise is stupid (in which case, blame Dan the Automator) but this is one of my strongest playlists yet. So break out the candles and cheap red wine, and set your radio to SIRIUS Left of Center. Here's a preview track:

Lovage Stroker Ace mp3

ps...if you don't have SIRIUS, you can listen online for free. All you need is an email address.

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The Early Tapes

Everyone from Austin has been telling me how brilliant The Early Tapes are for a while now, and as it turns out, they were right. In fact, the stuff I've heard from these guys so far has blown me away. Check the influences: the stooges, hendrix, zeppelin, 13th floor elevators, velvet underground, the stones, cream, television, etc. And these dudes are the real deal...this song, taken from their debut 4-song EP, literally sounds like it's of another era.

The Early Tapes Betty & Thomas mp3

check out The Early Tapes on myspace



Danava brought their face-melting, Music for Robots-approved "hipster metal" to Dallas last night. It was a fun little show for a Tuesday night at The Cavern, and DJ Mwanz played a great set upstairs (we heard Liars, Lali Puna, Serge Gainsbourg, and a bunch of stuff we didn't know that sounded cool.) But the highlight for us was Portland's Snow Foxxes, and not just because we love hot female singer/drummers. Both bands were obviously heavily influenced by Sabbath/Zeppelin and the like, but Foxxes frontwoman Celia Wall's vocals and drumming added a bluesy element that I really liked.

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If you're going to name your new album Classics, as Ratatat has, it better be damn good. The jury is still out on that: a couple of my favorite bloggers are on board, so that's a start. And this song, which features a sample from a cougar, is pretty awesome. Forget Hatebeak and Caninus, this is how you utilize an animal in your song, people:

Ratatat Wildcat mp3

The album genre-hops quite a bit, so if you like that song (or better yet, if you don't like that song) check out the Beatles-influenced "Tropicana" over at Marathonpacks. After a few listens, I'd have to agree with Eric that it's the best song on the album.



Sound Team starts their tour tonight in New Orleans, and joining them this time around (for most dates) are gorilla vs. bear favorites Cold War Kids and Midlake.

7/19 The Parish @ House of Blues, New Orleans *
7/20 The Earl, Atlanta *
7/21 Exit/In, Nashville *
7/22 Alchemize (Downstairs), Cincinnati *
7/24 Black Cat (Backstage), Washington D.C * +.
7/25 North Star Bar, Philadelphia * +
7/26 T.T. The Bear's, Cambridge, MA * +
7/28 Mercury Lounge, NYC * +
7/29 Mercury Lounge, NYC * +
7/30 Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY * +
7/31 Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ * +
8/02 Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PA { }
8/03 Kuyahoga Festival, Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH :::
8/04 Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago ^^^

* = w/ Cold War Kids
* + = w/ Cold War Kids and Midlake
{ }= w/ Death Cab for Cutie and Mates of State
::: = w/ The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Death Cab for Cutie,
Wolfmother, The Go! Team, etc.
^^^ = w/ Lollapalooza

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ghostface Observatory

We get sent a fair number of mash-ups here at gorilla vs. bear, and the majority of them fall somewhere in the "barely listenable" to "decent" range. So imagine how happy (delighted, even) I was to hear this: It's Ghostland Observatory's "Midnight Voyage" vs. Ghostface Killah's "Be Easy", and it's called "Ghostface Observatory." Yeah, I know, you totally could've come up with that, but you didn't. Car Stereo (Wars) did, and it's fucking awesome.

Car Stereo (Wars) Ghostface Observatory mp3

For those who were wondering, Car Stereo (Wars) "is two dudes in Austin (Chris Rose from Super!Alright! Media) and (Adreon Henry from Single Frame) that DJ around town under the moniker Car Stereo (Wars)". Download their kickass new mix CD, "Model Home Mix", here

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Exclusive: "young bride" remix

I've had tons of requests to post the mp3 of Cassettes Won't Listen's remix of Midlake's "Young Bride" since it's been in rotation on my SIRIUS Blog Radio show, so of course, I begged CWL to let us premiere it here. And miraculously, they said yes!

Midlake Young Bride (Cassettes Won't Listen remix) mp3

Midlake's The Trials of Van Occupanther comes out July 25. Pre-order the album here

UPDATE: Stereogum has another "Young Bride" remix, this one by Roger O'Donnell. Get it, and check out Eric from Midlake's edition of "Inside the Rocker's Studio," right here.



Visit Dope Lotus Records for a chance to win one of the above Cassettes Won't Listen t-shirts.


The great KEXP recently had Mr. Lif in studio. So Much Silence has the mp3s.

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song of the night

The Knife

As previously mentioned, the theme of my SIRIUS Blog Radio show this week is "Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By" (shamelessly jacked from the title of Lovage's first and only record.) This song, from The Knife's self-titled debut from a few years back, is perfect for a late-night tryst; specifically, a first encounter of some sort. Or so I'd imagine. It's dark, sweaty, and slightly anxiety-ridden, and it's one of The Knife's best songs, in my opinion.

The Knife Bird mp3

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Monday, July 17, 2006

we can ride around with the top down

Pitchfork continues to surprise me with their reviews, but this time, it's a surprise of the pleasant variety. Not only did they slap the coveted "Best New Music" tag on Girl Talk's insanely fun mash-up party record Night Ripper, they also gave the Teddybears' "Yours to Keep" a 4-star track review.

I've loved this song since Dodge told me to check them out a week or so ago. Even though "Yours to Keep" is slated to be on the band's new release, according to Pitchfork, it's six years old, and features vocals from Neneh Cherry (of "Buffalo Stance" fame) AND Annie. I'm expecting to get sick of this song any minute, but it hasn't happened yet:

Teddybears Yours to Keep mp3



Feist's collection of "remixes and collabs," Open Season, comes out tomorrow. The album features a gorgeous collaboration with Jane Birkin, as well as remixes by the Postal Service, Mocky, Apostle of Hustle, and more, including this K-os Remix of "Mushaboom." Surprisingly, the track lends itself very well to the hip-hop treatment:

Feist Mushaboom (K-os Mix) mp3

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Music to Make Love to Your (Hipster) Old Lady By

Here's a quick preview of our SIRIUS Blog Radio show this week, which will air Wednesday night at 10 Eastern. We cribbed the title from Lovage's genius 2001 release, and the entire episode will feature music appropriate for "setting the mood," so to speak.

For the first preview track, I turned to the expert on these matters, Moka. Her "bedroom" playlists have been helping bloggers hook it up since 2005. She insists that Lindstrom & Prince Thomas' new self-titled LP is ideal for setting the mood, and who the hell am I to argue? This track definitely has an Air vibe to it:

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Feel AM mp3

For those of you who will be flying solo (if you know what I'm saying), don't worry, I've got you covered too. This Serge Gainsbourg cover, which features Mrs. Jack White, should be just as effective as that worn copy of Barely Legal or your "1 Night in Paris" bootleg:

Cat Power I Love You (feat. Karen Elson) mp3



Muzzle of Bees recently reported on Hatebeak, a metal band whose lead singer is a freaking parrot. We tracked down the mp3, and I can safely say, without hesitation, that this is the absolute worst thing I have ever heard...

Hatebeak God of Empty Nest mp3

...Until I heard this. Reportedly, Hatebeak will be releasing a split with (and I'm not making this up) Caninus, a band fronted by two pitbulls. Where's PETA when you need them?

Caninus Human Rawhide mp3

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Saturday, July 15, 2006


I've only got time for a quick post, but I wanted to mention that Prayer For Animals and gorilla vs. bear local-favorite Teenage Symphony are playing tonight at Darkside Lounge in Deep Ellum. Prayer For Animals was recently voted North Texas' "Best New Act" over at Dallas' influential We Shot J.R. I just got their cd last night, and I'm impressed.

Prayer For Animals Sometimes There is a Balance mp3

The show starts at 9, only $5.

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i was an inflatable sun

It was a surreal scene last night at Conduit Gallery in Dallas, as Wayne and Michelle Coyne were in town for the opening of Michelle's Flaming Lips photo exhibit, I Was An Inflatable Sun. The exhibit featured images of the band that Michelle has captured over the past 15 years. With Wayne involved, you know you're in for a spectacle, and it was just that, complete with a fire-eating woman who set her nipples ablaze, a hula-hooping bikini girl, free alcoholic snowcones, and of course, a giant walking inflatable sun. And Mrs. Coyne's photos were amazing. It was a fun event, and before you anonymous commenters get all up in arms, Wayne Coyne isn't paying me one cent for this post.

Wayne Coyne addresses his followers

Deejay CeePee

Wayne shoots me with his laser, Captain America stands idly by

the fire lady almost sets some dumbass's face on fire

Mr. and Mrs. Coyne take pictures of the fire lady

Deejay CeePee with Jennie Kelley of the Polyphonic Spree

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