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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

you never had it so good


RJD2, who recently left the friendly confines of DefJux for the home of Thom Yorke and Tapes 'n Tapes, will release his XL debut, The Third Hand, on March 6, 2007. But, you can stream a new song now on RJ's myspace. Even RJ himself admits that the new sound is a bit of a departure. Here's what he has to say about the new record:

It's more lushly produced, with vocal harmonies and grooves. Like the Zombies, Steely Dan and Daft Punk having some brews in a hot tub. It's sort of a garage-y produced pop record, that's got vocal harmonies, some bad-ass guitar tones, very slight riffage, just enough piano, and some tough ass drums. I think it sounds more like real human beings playing instruments than anything i've ever done. Maybe its kind of like if King Crimson went to a therapist, and came out really happy and optimistic about the world, and was just walking around giving out hugs and shit. Or you know how guys break down once a year, and tell their friends that they love them, but they still do it hella manly like? Its like that moment, i guess.

Based on this first track, I'm going to take his word for it. Nicely played, RJ.

Oh, also check out RJD2's myspace blog, in which he draws parallels between MF Doom and Sufjan Stevens.



Like D.C. last night and the ATL tonight, we're getting a surprise "Beck Jam" here in Dallas tomorrow. Word has it he'll even take your requests, as long as it's not "Loser." Get yer tickets now, as they won't last long. UPDATE: Sold out. Well, that took about two hours.

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the light

Joanna Newsom's Ys isn't the only worthy Nov. 14 release from Drag City. White Magic's Dat Rosa Mel Apibus also comes out that day. Pitchfork gave this track 4 1/2 stars, calling it "some snake-charming, kaleidoscopic, aboriginal shit." So, yeah, between this song and the lead single "Katie Cruel," we've been mesmerized by this record for the last couple days.

White Magic The Light mp3

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Monday, October 30, 2006

You make it sound like Christmas is a 4-Letter Word

You can now stream all 5 discs of Sufjan Stevens' Songs For Christmas box set. Just go here. You know you want to. At the very least, you need to hear "Get Behind Me Santa!" Pre-order it here.

Related: Just in time for Halloween, Sufjan's favorite horror films.



This is pretty much the most hardcore thing I've ever seen.

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random observations

Marathonpacks says Birdman & Lil' Wayne's Like Father, Like Son is "leagues" better than the Dedication 2 mixtape, which is one of my favorite releases (hip hop or otherwise) of the year. MP says Dedication 2 is "too mixtapey," and he's right, but that's kinda what we like about it. At any rate, 2006 is shaping up to be one of the better years for new hip-hop so far this decade, with King, Fishscale, Hell Hath No Fury, Donuts, Food & Liquor, et al. all worthy "best of" contenders. Go read MP's post, and grab an mp3 of "1st Key" while you're there.


Frida Hyvonen

We finally got our hands on Until Death Comes, the much-blogged about record from Sweden's Frida Hyvonen. And it's as good as these folks said it was. If you're a fan of Regina Spektor I imagine you'll really like Frida too. Listen, and consider purchasing the album from Secretly Canadian.

Frida Hyvonen You Never Got Me Right mp3


David Vandervelde

Another Secretly Canadian artist that has our (somewhat divided) attention is David Vandervelde, who will release a 7" on Nov. 24. SC compares him to Bowie and Bolan. Download the following song courtesy of the label if you'd like, but we have to insist you go to David's myspace page and listen to "Murder in Michigan," on which he channels vintage early '70s-era Todd Rundgren.

David Vandervelde Jacket mp3

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Voxtrot: Live in Denton

Voxtrot @ Hailey's

Here are some photos from Friday night's show at Hailey's, featuring Voxtrot, Yellow Fever, and the Dimes. No time for a formal review, but Voxtrot's new material (from both the Your Biggest Fan single, and the upcoming LP) sounded great, and I'm planning a full post detailing the greatness of Yellow Fever in the near future. Plus I got to talk a little with one of the guys from Lift To Experience, so that was cool.

In other Voxtrot news, the band played last night in Austin with Beirut, and Jared Van Fleet's Sparrow House side project will (finally) have a free CD release party show tonight at Beerland. There will be copies of Falls EP for sale, and Sparrow House will also play some songs with g vs. b favorite Pink Nasty, so don't miss it.

Click here for more photos of Voxtrot: Live in Denton...

Yellow Fever

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Friday, October 27, 2006

car stereo (wars) vs. halloween

Austin's Car Stereo (Wars), whose mashups have been getting lots of positive press lately (the current issue of URB Magazine, VH1's Best Week Ever, Austinist, etc.), is back with a new, seasonally relevant mashup, based on John Carpenter's classic, The Fog. Listen for "I Be On That Kryptonite," "Dare," "Push It," and more.

Car Stereo (Wars) Hip Hop Halloween Monster Mash-up mp3

Here are some of the previous mashups that we premiered from Car Stereo (Wars):

Ghostface Observatory mp3
Ghostland Gets Bossy mp3
What's Up California mp3
My Love Is So Mashed Up mp3



Austin will also be representing tonight in Denton, as Voxtrot and Yellow Fever will be playing, along with our favorite Houston kids, The Dimes.

Voxtrot Trouble mp3
Download four songs from Yellow Fever here



Thanks to Deadspin for this post. Somehow, it means a lot coming from a Cardinals fan. I can't remember watching a more frustrating game in my lifetime.

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fun fun fun

The Fun Fun Fun Music Festival will take place December 1 at Waterloo Park in Austin. This thing was curated by the fine folks at Emo's and the Alamo Drafthouse, so as you might expect, they've put together a pretty nice little lineup, including gorilla vs. bear favorites Spoon, Peaches, Prefuse 73, the Octopus Project, and more.

And, since you brought up the Octopus Project, here are a few free/legal downloads from their new album, The House of Apples & Eyeballs, a collaboration with Black Moth Super Rainbow:

The Octopus Project Spiracle mp3
The Octopus Project Lollipopsichord mp3
The Octopus Project Psychic Swelling mp3

And while we don't normally post streams, we really like this new Spoon song from the Stranger Than Fiction soundtrack. Listen:

Spoon The Book I Write

Tickets go on sale today at 2 PM, so act fast, because I have on good authority that this thing will sell out quick. Just kidding, I made that last part up. I have no idea, but if I were you, I'd get tix now just in case. Click the read more link to view the full lineup...

Indie stage:
Spoon 8:50-10:00
Peaches 7:30-8:30
Black Angels 6:30-7:15
Lucero 5:30-6:15
Dead Meadow 4:30-5:15
Octopus Project 3:30-4:15
The Oranges Band 2:45-3:15
Drag The River 2-2:30

Punk stage:
Circle Jerks 8:55-10
Negative Approach 7:55-8:40
Riverboat Gamblers 6:55-7:40
Electric Frankenstein 5:55-6:40
Lower Class Brats 5-5:40
Applicators 4:15-4:45
Krumbums 3:30-4
Iron Age 2:45-3:15
ADHD 2-2:30

Dance Party stage/tent:
Prefuse 73 9-10
DJ Mel 7:50-8:50
Quintron and Miss Pussycat 6:50-7:35
Ghostland Observatory DJ set (Thomas Turner) 5:35-6:35
Learning Secrets 4:25-5:25
Dirty South Ravers 3:15-4:15
Whitey 2:30-3

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Decemberists: Live in Dallas

Colin Meloy of the Decemberists

The Decemberists and Lavender Diamond came to town last night, playing to a completely sold-out Gypsy Ballroom. Lavender Diamond's Becky Stark deftly navigated the fine line between cute, endearing drunk girl and obnoxious, annoying drunk girl (video). She described her performance as "delicate," probably in an effort to get the people at the bar to shut up. It didn't really work, but she eventually won most of the crowd over with her closing number, "You Broke My Heart."

Apparently, I'm in the minority that feels The Crane Wife isn't the Decemberists' best work (I'm in the Castaways & Cutouts camp.) The band obviously focused on the new record, and while I do enjoy some of the prog-rock leanings ("The Island" was especially awesome live), I find some of it almost unlistenable (we had to go outside during "The Perfect Crime #2"). On the other hand, "The Crane Wife" (all parts) sounded really pretty live, and the selections from Picaresque ("Engine Driver," "We Both Go Down Together") were great. Plus, Colin Meloy is a pretty charismatic geek, so it's hard not to like him regardless of how pretentious you think he is.

(Sidenote: While Petra Haden is no longer in the band (boo!), the Decemberists have enlisted a new requisite hot female violinist/xylophonist/keyboardist for this tour. Anyone know her name?)

Click read more link to view a few more shots from the show...


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what you drank

M.I.A. and Diplo (photo credit)

Diplo has a couple new things on his myspace page, both of which are worth mentioning. Of course, it could be argued that we post every single fucking thing that Diplo does, but that's beside the point. First up, an alternate version of the new M.I.A. track "XR 2"; according to the myspace page, this version will be included on Piracy Funds Terrorism 2:

M.I.A. XR 2 Turbo mp3

He also posted a new track from Hollertronix: 6 called "Chief Scrappy" that pairs the beat from Lily Allen's "Knock 'em Out" with the lyrics from Lil' Scrappy's "Money in the Bank." Listen here.

edit: The beat that Lily Allen (and Diplo) used was actually a sample from Professor Longhair's "Big Chief," a classic Mardi Gras staple:

Professor Longhair Big Chief mp3

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Broken Social Scene: Live in Dallas

Kevin Drew and Amy Millan of Broken Social Scene

If I were to revisit my 2005 "Best of" list, Broken Social Scene's self-titled release would be much closer to the top spot (it was #9 on my list.) Hearing songs like "Shoreline," "Ibi Dreams of Pavement," and "Superconnected" performed live by the Canadian supergroup/art collective reaffirms why they're one of my favorite bands: they make loud, expansive, densely layered songs that have incredible depth and complexity, often drawing attention away from the fact that these are some of the most melodic, catchy pop songs ever.

While the absence of Feist almost automatically meant that this show wouldn't be as good as last time I saw BSS, this was still one of the best shows I've seen all year. Openers Do Make Say Think's swirling instrumental post-rock was a pleasant surprise, and the only complaint I have about their set is that it was too short. BSS' Kevin Drew is an intriguing dude. It's fascinating to me for some reason to watch this kid try to rein in and hold together the huge group of amazing musicians on stage, most of whom often seem more interested in veering off into total noise/chaos. Amy Millan was great in Feist's place, and "Anthem For a Seventeen Year Old Girl" sounded great despite some technical difficulties. The band's performance of "Hotel" (or as Drew called it, "dancing time") was markedly better than last time. It's become my favorite song from BSS:

Broken Social Scene Hotel mp3



The Decemberists and Lavender Diamond are playing tonight at Gypsy. LD's Becky Stark was formally-trained in opera, and from what I've heard about her live performances, she's not to be missed:

Lavender Diamond You Broke My Heart mp3

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Drop The Big One.

Garrison Reid offered up this giant post. I'm returning from Detroit today. If you're somewhere between here and Dallas, go stand outside right now and wave. I might be driving by at any moment.


In an attempt to avoid middle America, I'll address only things from the West coast.

San Fran's Two Gallants have been a favorite of mine since I saw them with fellow SFians Rogue Wave, when they played Emo's in Austin in 2004. Their live energy is unparalleled...fact. Chris, our buddy Del, and I saw them last time they passed through Denton with pals the Cold War Kids. We all left thoroughly impressed. I can't say enough good things about these two guys, and I was deeply troubled by what I read of the Houston incident last week. Understandably, Chris totally avoided discussing the drama in Houston last weekend. Until the dust really settles, I don't feel Chris or I could base any legitimate opinions on a few YouTubes. I won't post those, but instead this amazing example of the duo's writing potential.

mp3: Two Gallants - Reflection of the Marionette (BBC1 Session)
pseudo-mugshots: Adam & Tyson

If you didn't get into What The Toll Tells earlier this year, I would ignore the pathetic excuse of a pFork review and give it a few more listens. It's thick (4 8:00+ songs) but interesting throughout.

Another thing that zoomed past Chris last weekend was the Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas and Pedro The Lion's David Bazan show at Denton's Haileys. These songwriters are among the top 25 out there, in my opinion, anyway, and this was arguably one of the more compelling bills I've encountered this year. Performances of Jurado's new material were incredible. The tones of a cello have such power. The night was only disrupted by loud fans and Bazan's ridiculous Q&A sessions. He did share his acoustic version of Newman's "Political Science", which appeared on the Pedro The Lion 2004 tour ep.

mp3: Damien Jurado - Denton, TX
mp3: Pedro the Lion - Political Science (Randy Newman cover)

I also heard an amazing Tweedy cover of this song. Dodge, do some research. It's the perfect time for covers of sarcastic liberally-slanted atomic anthems.

Tangent: Eric Fisher is now part of Damien Jurado as the man became a band. Eric Fisher is the designer and producer for Jurado's new record, And Now That I'm In Your Shadow, as well as the last two J. Tillman records. Coincidentally, J. Tillman's new record Minor Works comes out today in Europe. How is this guy's amazing record being released in Europe, and yet still have no home with an American publisher? It's criminal! Jurado, Fisher and Tillman will be all over Europe through the rest of October and most of November.

mp3: J. Tillman - Crooked Roof

Thanks. G. Reid

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

ali shaheed mohammed got me doing calisthenics

It pains me more than you know to miss this one:

A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Mohammed will be doing a meet & greet at the Adidas Originals store at the NorthPark Mall in Dallas from 2-4 PM today, and then performing tonight at Zubar along with our boy Skin from Hydroponic Sound System.

A Tribe Called Quest Lyrics to Go mp3


Austin's White Denim, one of our favorite new bands, is playing tonight at the Doublewide.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

new from Barsuk

No time for a full writeup, but I got an email from Barsuk with some new stuff from the great Jesse Sykes that I had to share. Both tracks are great, but I don't think it would be hyperbole to call this first one absolutely amazing:

New track from sunn0))) & Boris featuring Jesse Sykes on vocals from their new album Altar, out 10/31 on Southern Lord:

sunn0))) & Boris The Sinking Belle feat. Jesse Sykes mp3

New song from Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter's just completed album Like, Love, Lust & The Open Halls of the Soul coming 2/6/2007 on Barsuk:

Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter LLL mp3


p.s. Did anyone just see that play by the Mets' Endy Chavez? That has to be the greatest play in NLCS Game 7 history. Wow.

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There's a pretty cool (and extremely eclectic) bill tonight at Club Dada, highlighted by Austin's inimitable White Denim, whom I've talked about numerous times here and on the radio show. The headliners are a band called Tiger, from Arlington, TX, home of the Texas Rangers and Six Flags and not much else. Amanda from the Fine Line describes them as "Sylvia Plath meets Tom Waits," which might be fairly accurate, based on this song:

Tiger B-movie mp3

PVC Street Gang is also playing, and judging from the one song they have on myspace, they sound like they might be pretty interesting live. And their movie review of some Ashton Kutcher movie is the best movie review I've ever read.


White Denim Wet Sand mp3


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exclusive new remix from CWL

Cassettes Won't Listen

Thanks to our boy Cassettes Won't Listen for offering up this exclusive new remix of The Postmarks' "Goodbye." We were unfamiliar with The Postmarks, but they hail from our ex-hometown of sunny Miami, FL, and any band that lists Francoise Hardy and Ennio Morricone among their influences is a friend of ours.

The Postmarks Goodbye (Cassettes Won't Listen remix) mp3

Get The Postmarks Remixes EP on iTunes. The original version of "Goodbye" can be heard in tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy. The Postmarks are even offering up sweet prizes to a fan that will break copyright laws for them:

The first person to grab a clean, clear video clip of the full segment (of Grey's Anatomy) with "Goodbye" will win a 1-of-a-kind mix CD from The Postmarks. Simply rip the video, post it on YouTube and send us the link via a Myspace message!



We premiered the CWL remix of Midlake's "Roscoe" on our SIRIUS show last night, but on the off chance that you missed it, you can hear the remix here. The rest of the show consisted of music from Detroit, MI, which means plenty of Sufjan, The Supremes, and The Dirtbombs.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

missy + lady sov

So apparently the fine folks at Def Jam are sending this Lady Sov remix out to everyone (including Pitchfork), but since it features the infallible Missy Elliott, we thought we'd post it too. The track's worth downloading even if you're not a Lady Sov fan, because Missy kills it, as per usual.

Lady Sov Love Me or Hate Me (Remix feat. Missy Elliott) mp3

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planning to rock

ms. planningtorock

I just noticed that Janine Rostron, aka Planningtorock, will be opening for The Knife on their painfully brief upcoming U.S. tour. Based on the above photo, she's a great choice (aesthetically at least). And, after listening to a couple of her songs on myspace, she has a lot in common with The Knife musically as well, from the otherworldly vocals to the eerie and often darkly playful electronic soundscapes. In fact, Planningtorock has worked with The Knife in the past, contributing this stunning remix of "Heartbeats," in which she gives it a slightly more sinister feel than the original:

The Knife Heartbeats (Planningtorock remix) mp3

Watch the video for Planningtorock's great single, "Changes," here. Buy Planningtorock's debut album, Have It All, here.

In other Knife news, waste a few minutes at work playing this kickass "We Share Our Mother's Health" video game.



Tune in to our SIRIUS show tonight at 10 Eastern to hear the world premiere of Cassettes Won't Listen's remix of Midlake's "Roscoe" (still one of the best singles of the year.) You'll also be able to hear the song starting tomorrow on CWL's myspace page.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


CSS and Tilly and the Wall get drunk

CSS has posted a new(?) version of album-track "Alcohol" on their myspace page. I'm not sure where this track came from, but it sounds like something Lovefoxxx threw together with a Casio and a laptop. While she was drunk. Which is to say, it's awesome.

CSS Alcohol (Failed Rehab version?) mp3

In other CSS news, Lovefoxxx designed some sweet new t-shirts for one of our favorite blogs, Music For Robots. Buy one here. CSS is currently on tour, and will be rolling through Texas this weekend. Watch out for those Houston cops, ladies.

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2nd class

NYC's DJ Never Forget is back with his newest mix, entitled 2nd Class: The Story of a Laptop DJ. Everyone seemed to love his Going to Work mix from a few months back, and he brings it again on this one (check that tracklist) Here's the summary, from Mr. Never Forget himself:

Stuck somewhere between ipod and vinyl djs, lies the laptop dj. Neither a selector nor old school, the laptop dj languishes in a world of 0's and 1's, able to mix, but never taken seriously. While able to obtain certain status, there is a glass ceiling they must watch their wax brethren through as they obtain international fame and fortune. Currently, there is a raging debate regarding the laptop djs place in the world. They are consumed by their need to prove that they too have an identity all their own. No longer complacent, their voices are being raised.

This is the tale of one dj's struggle.

DJ Never Forget 2nd Class: The Story of a Laptop DJ

the tracklist:

"Always Something Better (Trentemoller Remix)" Trentemoller
"La Ritournelle (Metronomy Mix)" Sebastien Tellier
"Yours To Keep (ft Annie)" Teddybears
"Computer Heat" Cansei de Ser Sexy
"I Dont Feel Like Dancing (Linus Loves Vox)" Scissor Sisters
"Muscle Cars (Freeform Five Remix)" Mylo
"The Party's Crashing Us (I Am The World Trade Center Mix)" Of Montreal
"Trick or Treatz (South Central Remix)" Metronomy
"Mama's Room (Weird Science Mix)" Under the Influence of Giants
"Standing In the Way Of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)" The Gossip
"Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh" The Rapture



DoCopenhagen has video from The Knife's performance last night in Copenhagen.

Finally, we've been loving the B-More remixes from Austin's Bird Peterson, and he's set to release his debut LP next month. Here's a track:

Bird Peterson Right Em Off mp3

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Monday, October 16, 2006

new husky rescue

Husky Rescue at ACL 2006

Finland's Husky Rescue, whom the Observer called "a combination of David Lynch and Bambi," has posted a new song from their upcoming record Ghost Is Not Real, on their myspace page. We thought their song "Summertime Cowboy" was one of the best singles of '05, and this one might be even prettier. A little darker and colder (icy, even), and no where near as cute, but that slide guitar coupled with Reeta-Leena Korhola's ethereal vocals creates a stunningly hypnotic effect.

Husky Rescue Diamonds in the Sky mp3



The Shins

via Sub Pop's official press release:

"The highly-anticipated third album from The Shins, Wincing the Night Away, is set for release via Sub Pop Records on January 23rd, 2007. The album was recorded in the summer of '06 at Supernatural Sound in Oregon, and produced by James Mercer, The Shins' singer/songwriter, and Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, U2).

The tracklist for Wincing the Night Away follows:

Sleeping Lessons
Pam Berry
Phantom Limb
Sea Legs
Red Rabbits
Turn on Me
Black Wave
Spilt Needles
Girl Sailor
A Comet Appears

The first single from the album, "Phantom Limb," will be released as a digital single (with two b-sides) via iTunes on November 14th, as a CD-single on November 21st , and on 7" on December 12."

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Tonight at Good

Alias & Tarsier

Dallas people, head over to Good Records this evening for a pretty special (even by their standards) in-store performance:

Good Records Presents:

Alias & Tarsier (Anticon)
Electric President (Morr)

7 PM * Free

I'm a huge fan of Electric President, who have been called "a Postal Service for the Anticon set." And the new Alias & Tarsier record, Brookland/Oaklyn, is worth checking out too. It should be cool to see these guys in a fairly intimate setting. Here are a couple mp3s:

Alias & Tarsier Cub mp3
Electric President Good Morning, Hypocrite mp3

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we're going to Detroit!

Update: Oh man, this song is terrible. Apparently, someone at a Detroit radio station threw this together, and I'm going to have to recommend that unless you're a huge Tigers fan, or some sort of weird, obsessive Justin Timberlake completist, you avoid this one at all costs:

TigersBack mp3


Sorry for the late post, but we've been on Ticketmaster all morning attempting to get World Series tickets. Our three hours of persistence paid off in the end though, as we scored two tickets for Game 2 and one for Game 7 (which we won't use, because the Tigers are going to sweep)! Our Game 2 tickets are pretty amazing, and we got 'em for face-value, which means we won't have to pay the outrageous prices that scalpers will undoubtedly be asking. We did, however, have to pay the outrageous prices that Ticketmaster was asking:

the arrow = our seats

I realize these will only appeal to Tigers fans, but here are a couple Detroit Tigers theme songs. The first one is from their 1984 World Series run, and I'm not sure where the second one is from, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's from the 1968 season, which also ended in a World Series victory.

Bless You Boys mp3
Go Get 'em Tigers mp3

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tigers in the World Series!

...in dramatic fashion! Unreal. I love you Magglio Ordonez. We're going to Detroit!!!*

*pending; we need tickets! anyone? Please?

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Friday, October 13, 2006

modern luxury

Dallas Modern Luxury Magazine, clearly one of the finest American publications yet to win the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, has purported that my non-existent, warring identities will be squaring off tonight at the Cavern.

"Jump-Off's turntable warfare pits DJs Bear and Gorilla for best break beat, electronica and pop props. Observe and listen to see who has the best skills."
10/13 10p-2a.

There's so much going on in this statement that is just completely wrong, starting with the fact that I'm not DJing at the Cavern this month. Plus, there's only one of me, and I have no skills. And then there's the fact that it's in freaking Dallas Modern Luxury Magazine. (thanks to Katie for the tip)

However, if you're in Dallas and would like to go out tonight, hit this up: The Party, starring DJs Nature, Sober, $elect, and god knows who else. You have my guarantee that this will be awesome.


p.s. With their 3-0 victory over the A's today, my Tigers are ONE GAME AWAY FROM THE WORLD SERIES. I can't even comprehend how amazing this is. If anyone's got Series tickets, I'm buying.

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