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Thursday, April 12, 2007

person pitch words

Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) posted the lyrics to Person Pitch (our undisputed album of the year) on his official myspace blog. I realize this will have limited appeal to most of you, but we were (relatively) excited about it, as we've spent countless hours trying to decipher all of Noah's utterances. Just kidding. Sort of. One of our favorite excerpts, from "Carrots":

get your head out from those mags
and websites who try to
shape your style
take a risk just for yourself
and wade into the deep end of the ocean

Also, in case you haven't heard our song of the year so far:

Panda Bear Bros (edit)



For those who have asked, we've posted the full playlist for last night's gorilla vs. bear blog radio show on Sirius, complete with assorted mp3s, after the jump...

Right click/save as to download the mp3s:

1. St. Vincent--Now. Now. (mp3)
2. Department of Eagles--No One Does It Like You (mp3)
3. Chromeo--You're so Gangsta
4. Ghosthustler--Parking Lot Nights (mp3)
5. Glass Candy--Miss Broadway (mp3)
6. Felix Da Housecat--Ready 2 Wear
7. Notorious B.I.G.--Party and Bullshit (RATATAT remix) (mp3)
8. Plastic Little--Crambodia (Hot Chip remix)
9. MF Doom--Elite Scooby Doo Shit (mp3)
10. Ghostface Killah--Whip You With a Strap
11. J Dilla--Nothing Like This
12. J Dilla--Wild
13. White Denim--I Can Tell
14. Black Lips--Not A Problem (mp3)
15. Battles--Atlas
16. Low--Hatchet (Optimimi Version)
17. Smith--Baby It's You
18. The Blow--True Affection
19. Panda Bear--Bros (edit)
20. The Besnard Lakes--Disaster
21. Broken Social Scene--Cause=Time
22. Jana Hunter--Babies (mp3)
23. Jracula--Carpopolis
24. 13th Floor Elevators--You're Gonna Miss Me
25. The Polyphonic Spree--Mental Cabaret
26. Joanna Newsom--Colleen
27. J Tillman--Ribbons of Glass (mp3)
28. Low--Violent Past

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Blogger R. Javelinn said...

I'm not the biggest psyche girl, but the Panda Bear stuff is great. One thing I've noticed about this 'Nu-Psyche'(sorry), like PB and Deerhunter, is how clean it is compared to the stuff from the sixties.

I suppose it's the old digital vs. analog debate...The old stuff sounds thicker and fuller, but the new stuff, like the two bands I mentioned, have a shimmering crystalline sound that is far less muddy.


10:25 AM  
Anonymous devin said...

I agree.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Tony Robbins said...

Not trying to front, but those lyrics seem like a sad indie-rock self-help course.

Wasting breath with lyrics on mags and internets seems just as pathetic as having your head stuck in them...no?

1:10 PM  
Anonymous barry from mighigan said...

Not to mention the monumental irony of the fact that reading those sites and mags is what leads you to bands like Animal Collective in the first place. But whatever. I think the weight of the record doesn't lie in what he's saying, but the overall mood and feel of it. So still thumbs up. (though not as high as Chris')

2:53 PM  
Anonymous David Drennon said...

I almost think knowing the lyrics to this may take away from my personal experience, but at the same time I do itch to know them. Part of what makes Person Pitch so fun to come back to is that it's kind of mysterious, and maybe less so knowing what he is saying. Nonetheless, thanks for the heads up, Chris.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous donut box said...

it's just an incredible record. one of the three best of the decade.

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Richie said...

I'm going to stay away from reading the 'official' lyrics, out of suspicion that knowing them may well diminish the experience rather than enhance it (i.e. I get the feeling he's using his vocal more as an instrument rather than to delivered some vital message)...

7:47 PM  
Anonymous jared v. said...

yeah i also think he's using the vocal mostly as an instrument, but ever since i heard this record i was stunned by the direct and simple sincerity in the lyrics. for instance, the one you quote at the top of your site... "try to remember always just to have a good time"... obvious, yet usually unspoken for fear of sounding simple or sentimental.

"bros" is a better example. it's gentle but at the same time direct and condemning, and it reads like an argument between two real friends. i think it's hard to capture that kind of subtlety.

all this talk of this album being the best of the best of the best makes me feel weird, though. i just think it's an album, it sounds like something he did for fun, and for people to listen to that way... it doesn't seem to have a statement or an insight, musically or lyrically, that would put it in my list of top albums, and it also doesn't sound like he was trying to make that sort of record.

judging from the artwork, he was messing around with a couple dr. samples, was getting really (really) stoned with some reverb plugins, and at some point was like, "dude, i think that song's done, i'm hitting the beach".

which is fine and awesome and i like it for those reasons, but i think it's hard to hold it up to something like OK Computer or In the Aeroplane or even Funeral.

10:26 PM  
Blogger connor said...

Jared you nailed it.

As for the lyrics, thanks for the good news Chris. I've been scouring google trying to find these lyrics (esp Good Girl/Carrots) forever.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Tully said...

Jared, I wholeheartedly agree. The songs are nice enough, but it's just not mindblowing - can anything this repetitive really blow your mind consistently for all that long? Listen to something like OK Computer a decade later, and you can still hear stuff going on you never heard before.

And Chris and co., I do think of your blog as the best one out there, and certainly where I have heard of a lot of new stuff I like... but Panda Bear is just nowhere near as good as you are hyping it up to be. I have a feeling it will take a little while, but this album will eventually just be too painfully repetitive to listen to. Bros has the same thing going on the whole time... it will eventually just feel dull.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

i think you guys make some valid points (jared especially), but tully, i'm not really hyping it up at all, i'm just saying that it's my personal favorite. i'm not trying to convince you to feel the same way.

of course it's sincere and maybe too simple to rank with ok computer or whatever you consider to be the defining albums of this decade, but that's all part of the appeal to me. re: jared's comment that "it also doesn't sound like he was trying to make that sort of record"...i think that's what i'm getting at, and what i find so refreshing about it.

chalk it up to the fact that i might just be in a certain stage in my life that i can really embrace and appreciate something this unabashedly earnest and simple.

and you may be right that it won't stand the test of time, but just so you know, after about 4 months and literally hundreds of listens, it hasn't dulled even a little bit.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous barry from michigan said...

Does anybody else think the reverb makes it so it sounds like the lyrics are coming from inside your own head? Is that what helps make the songs sound instantly familiar? Or am I just an insane person

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

panda bear is amazing, full stop.

a chap worthy of the hype, for a change.

best record of this year, maybe of recent years too.

as for the lyrics, i've read them vaguely, but i still prefer the way they appear to me out of the ether bit by bit.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous this arrogant prick said...

I feel sad. I don't buy it. And I swear to god I'm not trying to be a jerk or a snob. I just, honestly don't understand how people can call this album the best album of the year when this was done 30 years ago by people with far fewer resources. I think it's a reflection of how we've been infected with so much CRAP (Hold Steady, Shins, Modest Mouse, Devendra Banhart, the 80th song by Sufjan released in one year, hipsters, PR agents, fashionistas, leggings, best week ever, idolator, mcStereogum) and how when someone comes out with a genuine album, albeit rather normal in its artistic vision and scope, it's hailed as AMAZING and EARTHSHATTERING. I'm nobody to give a lesson, and I'm not saying I'm better than anyone for not liking it. But it does bother me that bands that are so much better than this continue to glide by under the radar because they're not a wolf/bear/onomatopoeia, or because they don't buy a church, or because they're not dating that guy from that show whose cousin showed her chacha on youtube. and forget about asking "what happened to good music." What happened to blogs that wrote well? There are hardly any left. All they do now, and god Chris I love you for building an empire on your own, is post clippings from emails they get from Big Hassle and other PR hacks, or repost videos or write a two sentence review about how a record is "great" or "sounds so awesome." I have no solution, really, just venting and using what is possibly the last saving grace of the blog; the freedom to post a comment and watch dozens of ivy league pitchfork interns slam me for my grammar and spelling, not-so-subtly reminding me that if I knew what I was talking about, or if I had a life, I probably would have spent these few minutes more wisely hitting reload before Wilco tickets sold out.

7:07 PM  
Blogger R. Javelinn said...

This Arrogant Prick:
I liked the Panda Bear stuff, but I have to agree with you on most of your points. There is certainly a hype machine that's being fed and there is much that is overrated.

On grammar and spelling:
I got my ass handed to me on this blog just because I spelled "oy vey" the way I just did, and then was accused of using Wikipedia after posting that there are various spellings for Yiddish words and phrases...It was the first time in my life I've been accused of not being Jewish enough!

BTW, GVB fave Peter and the Wolf got a lot of attention for his sailboat tour. I think that's pretty funny, but that dude is muddy glass compared to the real shining star of that tour, Ms. Jana Hunter, ladies and gentlemen. I gotta give the Chris props again on introducing me to that.

Oh shit, gotta go. There's a centaur knocking on my chamber door...

7:38 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

hey r.javelinn, glad you're into the jana hunter record, she's something else.

i don't know how where to begin responding to 'arrogant prick's comment. i can only speak for myself, but if you think all we're doing is copy/pasting press releases than frankly you're not paying very close attention. i've always been more of a fan than a writer, so yeah i'm definitely guilty of the "sounds so awesome" blurb. but then i enjoy actually listening to music far more than writing or reading about it.

i've never claimed person pitch was 'earthshattering' either, but i do love it, and not for the reasons you suggest. i'd be interested to hear which bands you think are "gliding under the radar"...i'd like to think that many of the bands we post about regularly (jana hunter, white denim, st. vincent, j. tillman, sparrow house, countless others) fit that bill, and it's possible that if you're not finding amazing music on this blog and others, you're not looking very hard.

8:05 PM  
Blogger R. Javelinn said...

Woops...while I do agree with TAP in general, I don't think that you, Chris are simply just a re-paster, or a "sounds so awesome" guy...

I don't think you're trying to pass yourself off as a rock journalist or anything, just a fan, as you just stated...but a smart fan who keeps his eyes and ears open. You keep shit concise and easy to follow...and that gorilla image is a pretty thing to look at. But I also have no attention span and colorful monkeys fascinate me, so what do I know?

Stonedranger and Co. over at WSJR are a little more on the expository tip and they are doing a great job, though they often get reemed for going into depth with interviews or articles. The problem over there is the constant gang war between a-hole a-nons ands the little cliques that form around bands like Undoing of David Wright.

I usually feel pretty "in-the-know", but there is always cool shit on both blogs that I've never heard/heard of on an almost daily basis...

As far as "under the radar" goes, brand new bands like, Ghosthustler for example, seem to get a lot of attention for doing things local bands like Mission Giant, Dream Tigers, and Faux Fox have been doing, and doing much better, for a long time...but maybe that's the problem...they're not new!

Wait, Person Pitch, what?

8:59 PM  
Anonymous This arrogant prick said...

Dear Chris,

OK, so lesson learned for me because I did in fact feel quite bad for making it seem like it was personal. Whereas I stand 100% behind what I said, I didn't mean to lump you into the grouping of what I find to be repulsive marketing schemes, and just honestly poor taste. After all, I'm here aren't I? And you didn't force me to be. Truth is, I've found MANY bands from reading your blog. I guess what I was trying to say, is that I feel concern for the fact that blogs that start out with so much integrity, run by true fans, are slowly getting usurped. I mean, not the GREATEST example, but look at Stereogum. I was also reacting to the tastemaker society, which I know you in no way CHOSE to be a part of. People obviously respect your taste and judgment. I won't site examples of bands that are flying below the radar and not getting their fair chance because that's ultimately a moot point. They're under the radar because people haven't heard of them yet. THat's 99% of bands. So I was unfair in saying that. What I mean though, is that often, bloggers seem to piggyback on pimping larger acts that are already established and have the machine working behind them. They're not new, you can hear them on AOL, or on Pitchfork, or on KEXP and Stereogum. I'm not attacking your street cred, because music fans value what you've done for a TON of small artists. I just happened to open my mouth and puke on your site, even though the rotten food I couldn't digest came from a different establishment altogether. My apologies.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous d said...

I don't think it's terribly fair to say we've heard anything like Person Pitch before. By "we," I mean the forum. We haven't.

One can pinpoint any number of influences, as Mr. Lennox himself does in the liner notes, but to claim that it's old hat is unreasonable, methinks. In fact, other than the incessant barrage of obvious Beach Boys/B. Wilson comparisons, I haven't seen or heard anyone propose a singularly palatable counterpoint to the record's obvious originality. There is nothing on that record that's neither thoroughly innovative nor carefully considered, and I think that's why. You can cite the Boys, or Scratch, or DJ culture, but that's too easy because, as with EVERYTHING, the influences are only ingredients and simply do not really describe the whole.

Perhaps people who don't understand it -- which is obviously all well and good! -- are upset they because they don't quite grasp the plot; I myself would be upset if I didn't understand why this is so revelatory.

Every last detail has a purpose. Every flourish it's own diligent place (e.g. robotronix texture at the 00:09-00:10 mark on "Good Girls". And to call it simple is an oversight, albeit one I can well understand. It really is quite simple on paper because there's very little physical execution with real instrumentation. That does makes it, in a word, simple. But it's also far from being anything near halfway close to that. Music like this isn't just churned out on a Tuesday's Friday. You can't just do this.

Otherwise, it would have already been done?

Person Pitch, in its aesthetic, prose, execution, self-improvement discourse, etc., is a very modern piece of music. A very dense, visceral piece that opens doors listen upon listen upon listen. It's a record that makes you forget about listening to others.

I am not apt to gloat about new long-players very often. Too much exposure to music in the modern age tends to numb the nerves a bit, and few bits of new music give me the chills anymore. You can well love many new tunes, but only a handful will really make your hair stand up the way you know it does some of them times. Most new music just makes your skin crawl, anyway. Just one of those things. Nothing to lament. As the clutter piles and piles and as real, good art is forced to rise among a new hierarchy, a new moral order, with more demanding expectations. We'll ultimately be rewarded by this new reality.

This one is something -- yes, a reward, yes -- and I think it's fair to say we have not heard a more definitively earnest and moving, and cool, record this decade. No need to ponder it's long-term importance because it doesn't really matter. This is a record about a human being owning up to new realities and trying to be a good person with this grand onus on his shoulders. None of the defining themes in what may be considered the decade's defining records - elegant urban ennui, calculated/self-righteous bombast, presumptive pre-apocalyptic prophecy - can be found here.

There's no posturing, just sound.

You can go a lifetime listening to music and know only so few real, true joys.

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Richie said...

This Arrogant Prick: "But it does bother me that bands that are so much better than this continue to glide by under the radar..." - would you like to name one or two examples? I agree with you that a lot of what gets hyped up is lukewarm stuff but it's always better to be constructive, and there's nothing I like more than discovering some great music I'd never heard of before. And if you know something that's better than Panda Bear, Banhart, etc. don't keep it to yourself! I'm sure everybody reading this blog would also love to know about it.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thankfully, nothing ever seems press release-y or tainted or forced on this site. i might not always agree with the slecetions, but gvsb reduces fragmented media to digestable forms with good taste and a warm personality. it's an outstanding little site.

panda bear's the best rec yet.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous jared v. said...

there are some really great comments in this thread (especially d. who are you, d?). you guys have got me thinking, and i even sort of changed my mind a little. a little. so i wanna respond to a couple of them, and to clarify what i was saying in my first comment. in so doing, i vow to leave the longest comment ever, also one of the three best comments of this decade.

first off, i agree person pitch is an original record... there is a whole lot more to music than whether or not a voice does or does not sound like brian wilson, and i think d is right on in saying that it's a very modern record, almost quintessentially postpostmodern. i also don't think the record is simple. i only used that word to refer to the lyrics, and even then it was probably a misuse. i find the lyrics to be very conversational and natural and direct and honest, which admittedly, does not exactly mean "simple". in fact, at times, they remind me of the primal-scream-therapy lyrics of "plastic ono band", which were anything but simple.

however, i do think it would be a fallacy to say that the record's uniqueness and complexities necessarily mean that everything here has been carefully considered. maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, it's kinda beside the point anyway... while i agree the songs couldn't have been "churned out", they do sound like there may have been some elements of chance involved in the arrangement and flow of samples and effects, and while the melodies certainly aren't arbitrary, they could have come about somewhat randomly, without any pre-planned intentions... to me, it sounds like someone was chipping away at these songs bit by bit, but not overly concerned with perfection in sound or timing. but who knows? even if that is the case, it wouldn't make the resulting work any less valuable to me. but as an artifact of sound, regardless of intention or craft, it just doesn't hit me as hard as my other favorite albums, and i do think that is partially due to the fact that i don't feel like it's communicating any specific insight (rational or experiential) to me, not yet at least. that's a personal reaction.

but chris, i wasn't criticizing your enthusiasm for the record, or anyone else's. i've also been enjoying it. and when i see something like "album of the year" or a phrase like that on GvsB, i know it's not hype, but excitement, and i interpret it to mean "my/our personal favorite and most played" instead of "unmistakeably the best". which is something i appreciate about this site.

what i was responding to was statements like the one left by "donut box" (see above) that the record is "one of the three best of the decade", a statement that, to me, induces all kinds of unnecessary implications... and i should point out that donut box is a not alone. there are donuts everywhere espousing the timeless, canonical virtues of a record on which, let's admit, we have very little perspective, at least so far.

suddenly this collection of hyperbolic accolades takes the conversation away from one of great albums, to one of The Great Albums, which J. Evans Pritchard (yeah i'm takin' us back old-school style) might have explained as those that achieve significant levels of both "perfection" and "importance". that's an area of criticism where i don't think this record belongs, and i mean that for the sake of the record, not to its detriment. certainly it would make me feel uncomfortable if anyone talked about any music i made in such a way, and if panda bear is anything like the casual and carefree persona that he exudes, i would bet the same goes for him. he'd probably also think i was a prick if he was reading this, but i swear dude, i'm sticking up for you!

in any case, when the album is considered in this light, it takes on a different meaning. which is why i chose to say you can't hold it to OK Computer, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, and Funeral: not because of those record's shared ambition and grand execution, but instead because of they their near-universal acclaim (and subsequent importance), within at least a specific community. personally i don't think there is much to be gained in assessing which albums are "better" than which other albums... and if you WERE to have that conversation, i agree it would be a mistake to base the "greatness" on how prophetic or bombastic or representative-of-a-moment-and-generation the album aims to be. essentially what i'm saying is "okay, if you're going to look at it THAT way, then what about THIS and THIS and THIS?" the this's are those things which are withstanding time and perspective.

the fact is, though, you don't have to look at it that way, and you don't have to compare it to the this's. d says "it's a record that makes you forget about listening to others" and in saying that, he/she has hit on something that i really love in records. a great album will build its own universe, where it plays by its own rules, and then invite you there to see what it's like. they are experiences, and personal ones at that. but when we talk about earthshattering greatness, even if we recognize it as hyperbole, we are no longer talking about individual experience, but rather social importance and feats of human accomplishment to be built upon.

the joy in appreciating this record (as everyone here seems to have equally recognized) may stem from the fact that it is refreshing and personable and REAL, but to then force it into the very conversation that made it refreshing seems almost sadly ironic. put concisely (ha! bullshit!), i find it ill-fitting and uncomfortable to address such lack of pretension and anti-posturing with such ambitious critique.

although, of course, in writing this pretentious post about how pretension ruins that with no pretense. how META is THAT?

not meta, boring, that's what i meant. aw shit, i need to do taxes.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous d said...

post-post-modern in the sense that this is a record that manages to condense the driving elements of modernism -- abstract expressionism, minimalism (technique), pop, and the pastiche -- into a reference points for familiar conversations and feelings we may commonly share amongst ourselves or with individuals in our own, everyday lives?

You are right in asserting that the banter has reached a level of absurdity that, in its irony, derails the honest, unpretentious intentions of the artist himself.

Maybe only the greatest things invite that without knowing or trying. And perhaps the champions of the effort for once in their life feel entitled to explain how and why, hyperbole or no.

Also, I wish I hadn't said "carefully considered" in such a way, especially since, yes, there's no way happenstance didn't play an enormous role in this. But how glorious are those musical coincidences, the ones that give adrenalin because you never knew they could occur?

Perhaps I see the mix as very carefully considered, the way the elements come and go and crescendo with such thoughtful aplomb. Even still, whether chance has her hand or Noah's a humble scientist, the musical coincidences and seamlessness seem willed by an arctic-faring bear and his muse(s). An earnest coming of age.

d = brother of sarah b, friend of anne and cam's, friend of a certain big orange bard, as well as c an g.

This has been a wicked little thread. Nice to see when people can be so blindly mean in these forums, these conversational hallways.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous jared v. said...

dude, i was hoping that was you. seriously. while i feel we kinda went off the deep end in the debate, it was still fun.

and thanks for calling me out on "quintessentially postpostmodern". no one should be allowed to say something that meaningless without qualifying why.

what i mean is very specific, actually, in that unlike the groundbreaking pastiche art and cultural deconstruction of everything from sgt. pepper and revolution number 9 to most of beck's career, or more recently danger mouse's grey album, lennox isn't trying to prove any points, and there's nothing revelatory in the fact that he would make an album mostly of 'recontextualized' samples, or defy genre categorization, or draw on artistic and folk traditions and claim ignorance of them at the same time.

and there's nothing cynical about it either. and, maybe most importantly, he doesn't use the word "recombinatory" when he speaks.

so dj spooky doesn't need to explain anything to us, we all get it now, and with musical craft and technique (or lack thereof) having been taken to all its logical extremes, we're free to make personal expressions out of a limitless palette of tools and ideas, without gushing in awe at the mere fact that such a thing can be done.

i don't know if that qualifies as postpostmodern really, but it seems cool to me.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous donut box said...

yeah, man, super fun, though I don't see it as, like, a debate, as it were. i don't know, in here a debate would be aruged vehemently and direly, and rudely and crassly so. This is more like guest room tea and scones chat.

Hope that didn't come off as rude or accusatory when I said, "You are right in asserting that the banter has reached a level of absurdity..." That was more meant to make fun of myself for asking the question that preceded. Surely not a "meaningless" curveball by any stretch.

Diction and canonical weariness aside, I feel like we're on a very similar page. I love that he's not out to prove anything big. That to me is one of the most interesting little bits in all of this.

All of the above is super well put. Revolution #9 has been swimming in my head throughout this all of this.

In countering my awe/use of "revelatory," both of which I really do appreciate (because they should be tempered from time to time. To time.), why still can't it be relvelatory if the end result is such, even if the "concept" and technical merits in an exceedingly democratic age are, well, not?

11:56 PM  
Anonymous risingstorm said...

glad to see new artists carrying on in the 60s psychedelic tradition. i can't say why parts of this album remind me of World War IV by Big Boy Pete. i really can't say why, i have no idea.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

makin sure

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

panda muther fukin bear....this music is 100% spiritual in a world where everyone is generic and ambiguos. no one dares to take a platform. you just do not get your spirit lifted by other music the way mr. lennox succeeeds with. and he doesn't let it go...most artists will touch on spiritual with a few tracs on an album and move on. i can't stop listening to it. this isn't just a typical case of theft and remixing. panda bear owns this. i don't hear other artist, i don't think this sounds like someone. 100% original piece of artwork that deserves praise. epic in my heart and eyes. person pitch soothes my soul. this album is something to belive in.... art is not a matter of can you do it...it is a fact of DID YOU DO IT.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

....and no...it doesn't sound like the fukn beach boys...please.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous stylofone said...

Re The anonymous comment "Panda muther fukin bear": you know, you said what I feel. All the endless anorak style analysis and criticism of the hype is irrelevant. For me this album is a nuclear explosion of musical emotion! I enjoy cerebral wankery as much as the next person, but sometimes it is time for LOVE!

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone told me panda bear has a huge cock.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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