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Thursday, January 03, 2008

cable dazed

invisible conga people

The latest addition to Italians Do It Better's already stellar roster of cosmic disco prodigies is NYC's Invisible Conga People. The duo lists Can, Ethiopiques, Fela Kuti, and Les Rallizes Denudes among their influences/favorite bands, but first single "Cable Dazed" is a hazy number that recalls some of the more sinister, icier jams on the Knife's "haunted house" masterpiece Silent Shout. This track will appear on their upcoming debut Italians Do It Better 12", due out in February (via 20jfg):

Invisible Conga People Cable Dazed



White Denim -- whose Let's Talk About It EP was just named the #1 record of 2007 by Artrocker Mag -- have a new track from their upcoming RCRD LBL EP available for download here. Pitchfork finally takes notice, claiming that the band's sound recalls the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (not so much, to me), but recognizes that "the James Petralli has a more versatile voice than that band's namesake." I'm glad they're calling him the James Petralli, at least. The band is also playing a couple dates with the Walkmen in the near future, so look out for that.

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Anonymous Carlos D said...

Wow. Great find in "Invisible Conga People"

Sounds a good, fresh direction for the IDIB label. The less muffled and lo-fi sounding their brand of space techno gets, the more I like it.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

boring. sorry.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Kate said...


-Kate, Denver

12:31 PM  
Anonymous damn gina said...

Chris, you just keep making it easier for me to hate White Denim. I don't why that is. I used to like them okay. It's probably just their whacky photos.

Inivisible Conga People rule the school, though.


2:37 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

hey i didn't take that wacky press photo, Gina, so don't blame me. their LP is going to kick your ass, so at least wait for that before you decide to hate them.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous image crisis said...

maybe they could try to look more like this.


if they could love america as hard as these guys they might actually have a future in rock. they need to figure out who they are. no one could be this fun loving in reality. press photos should be a true representation of what a band is all about. thats why i like three doors down. they always look cool. why not post about them chris? .......its like we know eachother cuz i know your name from the blog postings.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous A Twat's Self-Loathing said...

gina better be hoping she doesn't cross my path anytime soon.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous richard said...


you guys are so defensive. chris can't let one negative remark go unmatched.


6:32 AM  
Anonymous the real Roger Clemens that pitches for the Yankees said...

shut up richard

10:19 AM  
Anonymous richard said...

why so defensive? are you chris or just his bitch?

2:32 PM  
Blogger Ry said...

This ICP is killer. IDIB do it better, again and again.

I keep hearing Tosca's "Wonderful" in it. Anyone else?

10:25 AM  
Blogger Music Nerd said...

How can you be so sure the photo is 'whacky'? Maybe they're just happy.

Their music is truly amazing - best band around at the moment imo.

Dave, artrocker.com

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed, artrocker

4:41 PM  
Blogger 123456 said...


12:27 AM  

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