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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

justice vs. fabric

As you might've read, Justice recently had a mix rejected by the folks at London's Fabric. Justice's mix was composed of "mainly weird disco tracks and French novelty acts," but Fabric turned it down, because, according to Justice, "they weren't ready for something like this." That's one theory, although I suspect it has something to do with the insane royalties Fabric would have to pay to clear all of that obscure shit. Anyway, Justice's mix actually looks pretty cool, and hopefully we'll get to hear it in its entirety at some point. Here's one of those "weird disco tracks" -- from Italo disco pioneers Goblin -- which was on the soundtrack to this 1982 Dario Argento horror flick, and eventually became the foundation for Justice's own "Phantom."

Goblin Tenebre

Justice comes to TX in early March.


Moving on to Fabriclive mixes that actually exist, Craze has a good one coming out in March in the U.S., and it's fun as hell. Tons of bloggable new hip-hop (the Cool Kids, Bangers & Cash, Pase Rock, Kid Sister, N.O.R.E., etc.) and a nice mix of older stuff, like Tuff Crew's "My Part of Town," and this Debbie Deb classic which was basically the jam in the '80s:

Debbie Deb When I Hear Music (Fabriclive 38 excerpt)

Check the full tracklist for Fabriclive 38: Craze here.



Glass Candy just unleashed a new remix of SSION's "Clown," which you may recall was one of my 50 Favorite Songs of '07. Here's the remix, and the original:

SSION Clown (Glass Candy remix)

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Blogger Carles said...

GVB outdoes DiscoWorkout with a GREAT 'old skool disco' track recommendation.

I can't believe Phantom Pt II was a ripoff of Phantom which was a ripoff of Tenebre. My world is caving in on itself.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Eli Lilly said...

Damn, Craze represented serious old school Miami with Magic Mike and that Fresh Celeste!


7:55 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

i don't get it, are they like devout christians or something??

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are something... have you ever seen either of them live?

crazy stuff


8:20 PM  
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