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Monday, March 31, 2008

new Bjork video: "wanderlust"

It's like Where the Wild Things Are meets Captain EO. Unfortunately, Yahoo doesn't yet offer a 3-D option:

Directed by the geniuses from Encyclopedia Pictura. Watch a bigger, prettier version here, and get your free 3-D glasses here. In other Bjork news, Stereogum posted up their tribute to Post, featuring some pretty badass contributions from El Guincho, High Places, Dirty Projectors, Ed Droste/Final Fantasy, No Age, and more. Download it here.

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back in the go go

wale :: noise pop 2008

Tune into Sirius Left of Center today at noon eastern (and again at midnight) for this week's episode of gorilla vs. bear blog radio. Today's show features exceedingly awesome new shit from xxxchange, Quiet Village, PRGz, Girls, Hercules & Love Affair, and more, including "Back in the Go Go," from Wale's upcoming mixtape about nothing. The kid -- call him Wale Ovechkin -- holds his own with Bun B + Pusha T on this one:

Wale :: Back in the Go Go (feat. Bun B + Pusha T)

If you don't have Sirius, listen online for free right here. Full playlist and some mp3s after the jump...



1. Girls :: Hellhole Ratrace
2. El Guincho :: Cuando Maravilla Fui
3. Caetano Veloso :: Alfomega
4. Esau Mwamwaya :: Chalo
5. Panda Bear :: Comfy in Nautica (xxxchange remix)
6. Santogold :: L.E.S. Artistes (xxxchange remix)
7. Paper Route Gangstaz :: Bama Gettin Money (Diplo remix)
8. Big Boi :: Royal Flush (feat. Andre 3000 and Raekwon)
9. Wale :: Back in the Go Go (feat. Bun B and Pusha T)
10. Kid Cudi :: Day'n'Nite
11. M.I.A. :: Paper Planes (Holy Fuck remix)
12. Neon Neon :: Raquel
13. Hercules & Love Affair :: Iris
14. Quiet Village :: Free Rider
15. Steve Terebecki Group :: I've Got Snap on My Hips Baby
16. Ghosthustler :: Someone Else's Ride
17. The Knife :: Take My Breath Away
18. Sticken City :: Better as a Girl
19. Girls :: God Damned
20. Lykke Li :: I'm Good I'm Gone
21. The Muslims :: On My Time
22. The Tallest Man on Earth :: I Won't Be Found
23. Beach House :: Astronaut
24. Fight Bite :: Swiss Ex-lover
25. Amanaz :: Khala My Friend
26. Devotchka :: The Clockwise Witness
27. She & Him :: Sentimental Heart
28. White Denim :: IEIEI

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Friday, March 28, 2008

quiet village

I was going to attempt to write about Quiet Village's mesmerizing new LP, Silent Movie, but I decided that the above image from the duo's myspace page sums up their exotic collage aesthetic better than words. I will say that the LP, which is built upon a foundation of seemingly random but perfectly inspired sources (from Moroder and Alan Parsons to Captain & Tennille and bizarre laugh tracks), plays out like a blissful and surreal waking dream.

Quiet Village :: Free Rider

Silent Movie is out in April in some places, and this summer in others. Philip Sherburne speaks far more eloquently on the album here.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

the muslims

the muslims

One band I already regret missing at SXSW this year is San Diego's the Muslims. After listening to the ridiculously infectious set of Modern Lovers-esque jams on their myspace page, I immediately purchased their seven-song 12", which comes complete with a bullethole-ridden sleeve, shot up by a former NYPD cop. Awesome(?). Moving on, here are a couple of tracks from the record; you'll be into these if you're a fan of Modern Lovers (duh), the later Velvet Underground stuff, or even King Khan or the Black Lips:

The Muslims :: On My Time
The Muslims :: Bright Side

Download more here and/or here. Grab that holey 12" here.



Here's the newest mix from our friends Nature, Sober, Select, + Klassen, aka The Party. Features some new shit I've been listening to obsessively lately, including Kid Cudi, Ghosthustler, Esau Mwamwaya, 77Klash, Santogold, and more...

The Party Vol. 7 :: Breakout (45 mb)

Full tracklist after the jump...


1. Missy Elliott - Ching-A-Ling
2. Ricky Blaze - Wifey
3. South Rakkas Crew - Madd Again
4. Faux Fox - Dirt City Rollers
5. Ghosthustler - Someone Else's Ride (10" Version)
6. Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (b/w) Crookers RMX
7. 77Klash - Brooklyn Anthem (feat Jahdan)
8. Mykal Rose - Police and Theives
9. Santogold - Shove It (Switch RMX)
10. Dark Again - The Party RMX
11. Chino - Punga Don A Pebble
12. Dr. Evil - See Dem A Pree
13. Vybz Kartel - Send Fi Mi Army
14. Esau Mwamwaya - Chalo
15. Santogold - Creator
16. Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground (Switch Santogold RMX)
17. Mapei - Date Rape
18. Decale - Alaji
19. BLK JKS - Lakeside

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

new ghostface killah / pase rock

I guess these two jams have been floating around for a bit, but I just got word today that you can download the whole things for free, courtesy of Scion's A/V thing. Both are pretty nice and dancefloor-ready, both have tight cover art, and both get even better when you factor in the "free."

Ghostface Killah :: Charlie Brown (DJ Mehdi remix feat. Mapei)

Pase Rock :: The 900 Number 2K8 (Eli Escobar remix)


Here are the links to download the full zip files:

Ghostface Killah :: Charlie Brown + remixes.zip
45 King (feat. Wale + Pase Rock).zip (62 mb)

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

XXXChange remixes Panda Bear

panda bear :: dallas, TX

XXXChange (dude is on a roll lately, by the way) becomes the second member of the Spank Rock crew to remix Panda Bear's "Comfy in Nautica" (sort of). This one is a more dramatic, dancefloor-ready, robot-rock overhaul than Devlin's re-edit, though. I imagine about half of you guys will hate this, but for the rest of you, enjoy:

Panda Bear :: Comfy in Nautica (XXXChange remix)

And of course, the original:

Panda Bear :: Comfy in Nautica

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come on and laugh with me


Christopher Owens + Chet JR White are new San Francisco duo Girls. The boys would like to "to conjure up auditory memories of listening to a Beach Boys song out of an old car speaker," and their beautiful lo-fi pop actually comes pretty close to that. This is some of the most starkly honest and affecting stuff I've heard in a while, like a more relatable, hopelessly romantic version of Ariel Pink (related side note: Owens also plays in Holy Shit). The four songs over at their myspace page are all worth your time, but the sincere longing and sort of sad hopefulness they convey on these two gems is what won me over (thanks to Jennifer for the tip):

girls :: hellhole ratrace
girls :: god damned

Girls' limited Hellhole Ratrace 7" is due this spring on True Panther Sounds. The first 100 copies allegedly come with custom corsages, so get on it early. Girls also expect to have a full-length out this summer, and will play the French MIDI Festival in July.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

new Diplo remix: bama gettin $

paper route gangstaz

Last week I mentioned Paper Route Gangstaz' upcoming Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas mixtape that's due out next month on Mad Decent. What I forgot to mention is that the the PRGz are so hood that they can make a Weezer sample sound kind of hard (see "Grind Baby"), and Diplo further reiterates that fact by dropping a total what-the-fuck Wham sample on this still impossibly ill remix of "Bama Gettin Money" (via Mad Decent).

Paper Route Gangstaz :: Bama Gettin' Money (Diplo remix)

Grab the Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas sampler here.



Potential good news for our Sirius show, and all Sirius/XM subscribers.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008


My weekend listening consisted mainly of songs from this new super-limited reissue of early '70s Zambian hard-psych from Amanaz, a band described in the press materials as "an African version of early Cream." If you like your obscure, fuzzed-out stoner jams to transport you to another time and place, this is absolutely that. The whole thing gets better with each listen, plus a couple of these songs (not this one, though) sound like they've got an extremely high Dikembe Mutombo on vocals, which is just an added bonus.

Amanaz :: Khala My Friend

Get Amanaz's Africa LP on 180g vinyl here; there are only 450 of them in existence though, so I imagine they'll be gone soon.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

better as a girl

Thanks to the always great Pinglewood for turning us on to London's Stricken City. The band's lo-fi demos vaguely recall the new-wave pop of Love Is All and Holy Hail, and their allegedly irresistible live show has already earned frontwoman Rebekah Raa hasty comparisons to Siouxsie (okay), Kate Bush (maybe?), and Bjork (nah). Here are a couple of ultra-catchy pop jams which may or may not appear on their upcoming debut EP:

stricken city :: better as a girl
stricken city :: tak o tak

Stricken City's Factory Sessions EP is out soon on Adventures Close To Home (also home to Holy Hail).



Early contender for hip-hop single of the year: Big Boi's "Royal Flush," featuring Andre 3000 + Raekwon, from Big Boi's upcoming Sir Luscious Left Foot LP. Get it.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

new white denim video: "ieiei"

Here's the brand new video for White Denim's "IEIEI." The footage was shot by the band with a few of those disposable CVS camcorders while out on their first North American tour, then edited/animated by our kind of weird friends over at Birds on Fire. Pretty tight, but we're big fans of cheap-ass photographic equipment:


WD goes to Europe the first week of April for some shows. If you're in London or Paris, go see them.

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intended play

Matador Records has just released their annual Intended Play spring compilation, highlighting the label's recent and upcoming releases. This is the first time they've put it out digitally, though, and it's available for free download over at the matablog. Among the standouts: unreleased tracks from Jay Reatard, Matmos, and Shearwater, as well as tracks from the recent Cat Power, Malkmus, and Times New Viking records (full tracklist here). Here are a couple joints from the comp:

Jay Reatard :: Always Wanting More (from 7-inch #3, out June 17)
Cat Power :: Metal Heart (from Jukebox, out now)

Or if you prefer, the whole thing:

Matador Records Intended Play Spring 2008.zip (66 mb)

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holy f**k: live

holy fuck: climbing walls @ gorilla vs. booze '08

One of the bands that literally everyone seemed to love at SXSW was Toronto's Holy Fuck. My ears are still buzzing from their face-meltingly awesome set inside the sweaty shoebox that housed gorilla vs. booze, and Brooklyn Vegan and YANP loved them, too. If you missed out on HF at SXSW, Dublab has the next best thing: a nearly 40-minute-long live session from the band, which you can download for free here. Here's the hit:

Holy Fuck :: Lovely Allen (live on dublab)

Grab the rest at dublab.



Today's the biggest day of the year if you're a college hoops fan, as March Madness officially gets underway. Stay up on the proceedings at Sports Illustrated's NCAA Tourney Blog, and while you're over there, download an mp3 a day, as selected by us. So far, the playlist includes jams by Grizzly Bear, Del, Black Lips, and more.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

nite nurses

It's been a few months since we heard anything new from Glass Candy (purveyors of one of my favorite albums of '07), which is a relatively long dry spell for them. Thanks to Discodust, then, for this posting this new rough demo of "Nite Nurses." I swear there was a video for an older version of this song floating around, but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the internet...but it's possible I'm just imagining that. Either way, the duo brings their stellar "mystical death disco" as usual on this one:

mp3: Glass Candy :: Nite Nurses (rough)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sxsw in photos: part III

Okay, now this is seriously the last SXSW photo post from us. But first, I just wanted to shout out some of the best things we saw last week, which included amazing sets from bands I'd seen before (White Denim, the Cool Kids, Holy Fuck, Clipse, She & Him, and tons more), as well as a surprisingly high number of newer acts that exceeded lofty expectations and were even better than advertised (Santogold, Lykke Li, Bodies of Water, Blk Jks, and El Guincho all stand out). On to the pictures: these were all taken with our $30 toy camera, and the results look like 1979. Click for larger image (photos by David):

the peacock

dancer. with diplo and santi

the cool kids at gorilla vs. booze

el guincho's first U.S. show

blitzen trapper @ hot freaks

white denim @ hot freaks

the cool kids dodging chandeliers @ the peacock

santogold @ iheartcomix/mad decent blowout

More photos after the jump...

mas el guincho

white williams washed out by the light

blitzen trapper: hot freaks set

the peacock has a lot of chandeliers

mikey rocks the peacock

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lykke li: live at hot freaks '08

Lykke Li's set at our Hot Freaks party was one of the best things I saw at SXSW '08, and I would be fairly shocked if she doesn't end up being one of the break-out artists from this year's fest. Luckily, our Dallas homie Lullabyes was in the building that day, and he captured some great audio of her performance (and countless others). You've probably seen the video for this song by now, but here's "Little Bit" as it sounded at Club Deville on Saturday afternoon. As you'll hear on the recording, those in attendance absolutely loved it, prompting a "Go Texas!" from Ms. Li.

Lykke Li :: Little Bit (live at Club Deville)

Download the rest of Lykke Li's Hot Freaks set at Lullabyes.

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new Panda Bear song. sort of.

I want Visionaire 53: Sound. Yeah it's a little steep at $250, but there were only 4000 made, and it includes over 100 minutes of sound on five 12-inch vinyl picture discs, featuring original sound pieces from the likes of Panda Bear, the Knife, Cat Power, Spank Rock, David Byrne, Mike Skinner, the Go! Team, Sonic Youth, the weirdest Fergie song you've ever heard, and tons more. You also get a sick little MINI Clubman "vinyl killer": a "battery-operated toy car that acts as a portable record player." And it all comes in a shiny dome container that looks like some kind of future space cocoon.

Like most of the tracks included here, Panda Bear's original contribution isn't a fully realized song, but it is a dreamy little minute-long diversion that could act as a segue between Young Prayer and Person Pitch.

panda bear :: untitled (from Visionaire 53: Sound)

Go here to listen to snippets from Visionaire 53: Sound. Or, if you have 250 extra bucks lying around, buy it here.


She & Him's debut record finally comes out today on Merge, and after seeing Matt & Zooey play live 4 times in the last couple of weeks, these songs -- which recall everything from Dusty Springfield and Carole King to Brian Wilson and '60s girl-group pop -- have really snuck up on me. Read a spot on review of the record from Dusted Magazine here.

She & Him :: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

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Monday, March 17, 2008

paper route gangstaz

I've mentioned the Paper Route Gangstaz a number of times here on the blog, and their upcoming Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas mixtape -- presented by Diplo & Benzi and featuring remixes from Flosstradamus, Krames, and Diplo -- is one of my most anticipated hip-hop releases of '08. The PRGz recently posted up this link to download a sampler of what's to come, and it doesn't disappoint. That Diplo remix of "Bama Gettin Money" is just ridiculous. Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas comes out in April on Mad Decent, and the shit is going to rule:

Paper Route Gangstaz :: The Mixtape Sampler (23 mb)

Check the tracklist after the jump...

Paper Route Gangstaz :: Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas

Rollin' (Flosstradamus remix)
Bama Gettin Money (Krames remix)
Naturalz Pt. 2
Grind Baby
Bama Gettin Money (Diplo remix)

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sxsw in polaroids: part II

malice and pusha t of clipse in the mohawk's green room

amanda blank + mc spank rock

ice cube relaying some sort of message in sign language

the legendary darondo. kiss the rings, bitches

she, of she & him fame. in a parking lot.

santogold with diplo just moments before she fired his ass, only to rehire him later that day

white denim at hot freaks

the clipse kicking it with the re-up gang at the mohawk

xavier of justice wanders the streets of ATX

the beautiful and talented queen majesty

the always jovial thurston moore

More photos from SXSW '08 after the jump...

santogold's dancers get down, public enemy style

the cool kids freestylin' for MTV2 outside gorilla vs. booze

j mascis

bodies of water play the secretly canadian showcase at the mohawk

danny masterson

clipse tearing up the mohawk's patio stage

casey dienel of white hinterland @ hot freaks

vampire weekend and press. stubb's.

a kid. crowdsurfing during Flosstradamus' set.

zooey deschanel (she) & m. ward (him)

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