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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new Kria Brekkan

kria brekkan in a tree. in her underwear.

Wildering is the vinyl-only 7" solo debut of former múm siren Kria Brekkan. Last year's collaboration with husband Avey Tare was met with decidedly mixed reviews, and I have a feeling this one will elicit similar feelings. To call the bizarre and spooky title track "lo-fi" would be a huge understatement; it sounds like Kria utilized the same recording techniques they were using in 1860, only underwater. Still, there's something hauntingly sweet and otherworldly about b-side lullabye "gömul vísa um vorið" that's compelled me to keep it on repeat for much of the evening:

Kria Brekkan :: gömul vísa um vorið

That voice...maybe you have to be in the right mood, and I guess I am. Buy the 7-inch here, while it lasts. Here's a clip of Kria performing another brand new song called "Ravine" -- which was inspired by a recent trip to Japan with her husband -- live for East Village Radio a few days ago:



no age's "eraser" video set (via)

No Age's double tight new record, Nouns, comes out Tuesday on Sub Pop. Randy + Dean break the LP down, track-by-track, here.

no age :: eraser

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I click the link to buy the 7" I have 28 items already in my cart. Not sure if it's your cart info in the url or something but just a heads up.

9:52 PM  

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