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Friday, January 02, 2009

blog radio :: most likely to succeed 2K9

For today's special edition of Blog Radio, Sirius asked us to count down the top 5 artists that we think are most likely to succeed in 2009. Of course, success is a relative term, so my list is essentially just the artists I look forward to hearing new material from/want to see live/expect breakout years from in '09. The Hipster Runoff radio program kicks things off at 5 PM EST on Sirius XMU, and you can hear my show shortly after that (shows will also be rebroadcast on Saturday and Sunday). There are obviously tons of artists that didn't make the list because of time constraints, but you can see my top 5 and a few honorable mentions after the jump...


5. Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti :: can't hear my eyes
4. Girls :: hellhole ratrace
3. Harlem :: south of france
2. WAVVES :: weed demon
1. SALEM :: sweat

Honorable Mentions:

The Golden Filter :: solid gold
Weird Tapes :: home
CFCF :: cassie x lil' wayne :: official girl (CFCF remix)
Fan Death :: veronica's veil
Alela Diane :: white as diamonds


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Anonymous theOCMD said...

I second that motion on Girls for most likely to succeed in 2009. My hometown favorites! Check out another one of my SF faves, Ty Segall, if you haven't already.


2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. The Golden Filter track is solid, most definitely.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would definitely add Little Boots to the list.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Blimpy said...

Girls and Harlem are sounding fab, thanks for the nod.

Eagleowl are well worth a wee Scots look for 2009, especially their track "mf".

Take care!

6:16 PM  
Anonymous DJ Max Power said...

Red Wire Black Wire, fo shizzle.


"Compass" is the jam!

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alela Diane is amazing.
i would deinetely add some sweet stuff from uk like Arch M and Banjo Or Freakout...

8:38 PM  
Blogger daniel said...

this blog is the best

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

Lovin the new ariel pink

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Hey i was actually listening to this show and there was some stuff I loved but can't remember at this point. Any idea where I can get a track list of what was played tonight?

Also, blog radio its awesome in general, so keep up the good work. (I had xm so this is a recent thing for me)

12:47 AM  
Anonymous new rap songs said...

Happy new year all
thanks for that

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Daniel said...

Without being a drag, The Golden Filter is like totally two summers ago.

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be referring to their "sound" because solid gold was only released last summer.

11:04 AM  
Blogger faithie16 said...

Ariel Pink is bringing a soft rock vibe to indie radio.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous sam said...

Harlem, Wavves, Ariel Pink and Girls are going to kill it this year. Also, check out Red Mass www.myspace.com/redmassfce with ex-members of CPC Gangbangs and Hot Springs.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Joseph Wrenn said...

I can't wait until you guys see Dananananaykroyd.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Lukas Mary said...

new wood!

2:21 PM  
Anonymous NoMoreRunnin said...

Forever in debt for being introduced to Wavves.

4:49 PM  
Blogger pete said...

hello new hardwood floors.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Murvis said...

loving these new floor shits

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hatchback / Windsurf gon be big.

2:18 AM  
Blogger wet my mouth said...

an asterisk: they update regularly, full of girly pleasantries.


2:26 AM  
Anonymous THE RECOMMENDER said...

Agree with a few of your tips there.

I also think you could add V V BROWN, FRANKMUSIK, WE HAVE BAND and LA ROUX to the list, but that's why we have these things we call opinions I guess...

Any chance of getting added onto your blog roll? Let me know if you do...

Its here - http://therecommender.net
The Recommender

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Carl Winslow said...

my band will succeed this year, i promise.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Dream Catcher said...

making history: jb & the beets:


1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:12 AM  
Blogger Preston said...

the makeup monsters from tacoma, WA

sound like happy harlem
its awsome

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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