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Thursday, January 22, 2009

GvsB x sirius blog radio

GvsB's weekly Sirius XM Blog Radio program airs today at noon (and again at midnight) EST on the new Sirius XMU. This week's episode features new music from the Golden Filter, Fever Ray, WAVVES, Here We Go Magic, Jeremy Jay, Eternal Summers, and more. You can listen online with a free trial here. Check this week's playlist + some mp3s after the jump...


gorilla vs. bear blog radio | thursday, january 22

1. grizzly bear + feist :: service bell
2. the books + jose gonzalez :: cello song
3. marissa nadler :: river of dirt
4. peter bjorn & john :: lay it down (the golden filter remix)
5. lykke li :: little bit (aether remix)
6. kleerup :: until we bleed (feat. lykke li)
7. eternal summers :: fall straight back
8. jana hunter :: a bright ass light
9. harlem :: goodbye horses (q lazzarus cover)
10. wavves :: no hope kids
11. wavves :: vermin
12. fungi girls :: crystal roads (demo)
13. fever ray :: keep the streets empty for me
14. john maus :: do your best
15. jeremy jay :: love everlasting
16. ariel pink's haunted grafitti :: can't hear my eyes
17. the notwist :: boneless (panda bear remix)
18. animal collective :: no more runnin
19. love is all :: make out fall out make up
20. vivian girls :: where do you run to
21. harlem :: south of france
22. here we go magic :: tunnelvision
23. real estate :: black lake
24. arch M :: 21st union
25. burial :: shell of light
26. grizzly bear :: deep blue sea
27. animal collective :: daily routine
28. white denim :: sitting


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