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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

harlem covers devo

Austin's Harlem takes on Devo's "Come Back Jonee" for the 4th installment of their covers of the month club. According to the band:
"people are probably going to think that we are trying to capitalize on the fact that devo is coming here for sxsw but before we even knew they were playing we had decided to a cover of come back jonee. i guess we would be pretty stoked if devo heard it but then again they might tell us it sucks or hire a team of lawyers to sue us for all the leftover beers in our fridge."
harlem :: come back jonee (devo cover)

Best cover yet from these dudes; someone should get this to Wes Anderson immediately. In other news, Harlem plays a free show tonight at the Parlor in Austin. You can also catch them at gorilla vs. booze or one of their other SXSW shows, including "some tv thing," "some mexican food place," and "a house party i think."


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Anonymous UG said...

Love harlem played em on my radio show urban grilling thanks to gvsb

5:11 PM  

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