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Monday, March 30, 2009

mp3: polly scattergood x the golden filter dub


The Golden Filter were one of the best acts we saw at SXSW '09 (twice), and while the mysterious crew kept the packed house(s) moving with some pretty great tunes of their own, they're also becoming extremely proficient at banging out phenomenal official remixes for the likes of Cut Copy, Peter Bjorn and John, Little Boots, Empire of the Sun, and others. Here, they work their magic on London pop chaunteuse Polly Scattergood's forthcoming single, "Please Don't Touch," with three different, equally glittering takes:

polly scattergood :: please don't touch (the golden filter dub mix)

Download the Golden Filter's main remix of Polly Scattergood's "Please Don't Touch" at Pitchfork, and grab the "pop mix" Stereogum.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is hot

3:35 PM  
Anonymous mandrew said...

you got the best remix

4:41 PM  

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