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Saturday, April 25, 2009



Brooklyn's Acrylics is the latest band to emerge from the Chairlift/Amazing Baby/MGMT fam that has seen so much success over the last year or so, and based on the handful of songs I've heard from the group thus far, they're roughly one iPod commercial away from blowing up like the rest of that crew. The duo -- Molly Shea and Jason Klauber -- has professed their love for Gram Parsons, Fleetwood Mac, and "really, really crystallized pop from the seventies," and that influence shines bright via Shea's dreamy, wistful yearning on the vaguely "Dreams"-esque "Molly's Vertigo," which the band was kind enough to send over for us:

acrylics :: molly's vertigo


Catch Acrylics' first headlining show on May 14 at Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery, with opener Pursesnatchers (members of Au Revoir Simone + Dirty on Purpose):


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you all should be covering norman music festival... cha cha cha

8:39 PM  
Anonymous lee said...

searching for more on acrylics, came across this


not bad at all

8:46 PM  
Blogger CG said...


9:05 PM  
Anonymous melissa said...

this is really great

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Joe & the Flying Spoons features Joe from Dirty On Purpose too. Plus, that band has a bunch of hot girls singing in the choir!

10:18 AM  

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