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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

mp3: love is all covers lykke li's mom's band

Love is All is giving away some recently recorded covers of a few of the group's "favourite Swedish classics," including a cover of all-girl punk band Tant Strul's (aka Lykke Li's mom's band) 1980 single "Pappas Tant."

love is all :: pappas tant (tant strul cover)

Stream the rest of the covers at the band's myspace.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool, I like reading about something I didnt know about. Good job sir.
I havent listened to love is all in a while. I think I stopped the year pitchfork pretended to find them and The Knife even though the cds where out for a couple years. Same with Times New Viking. Hype beleives out there beware.

7:57 PM  
Blogger SARAHSPY said...

wow, yea. how come nobody else ever talks abt this (i.e. on my gReader rss anyway)?

9:05 PM  

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