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Monday, April 27, 2009


Amanda from Pocahaunted, Cameron from Sun Araw, Britt from Robedoor, and various other Not Not Fun weirdo all-stars make up lo-fi garage-soul "supergroup" Vibes. I mentioned the group's debut cassette You God It a couple months back, and that's long gone now, but we're currently wearing out a test-pressing of their funky-as-hell upcoming Psychic EP, which is due out soon on NNF. The 4-song 7" features more filthy basslines, blown-out drums, raw "spirit soul" grooves, and Amanda getting down like a banshee. Here's b-side "Night Court":

vibes :: night court

Vibes' Psychic 7" is out May 4.


Previously from Vibes/Pocahaunted/Sun Araw:

vibes :: honeycomb
pocahaunted :: palm (excerpt)
sun araw :: horse steppin'



Pitchfork premiered this new video for Ducktails' "Landrunner":


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I love Amanda

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