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Thursday, April 02, 2009

tell it in my ear

Thanks to We Shot J.R. for staying up on the thriving Denton scene, and for introducing us to Fergus & Geronimo, the rad new group from Jason Kelly (Wax Museums) and Andrew Savage (Teenage Cool Kids, who've gained some national attention recently thanks to an absurd cease & desist from the other Cool Kids). Savage's original idea for the project was "Four Tops by way of Mothers of Invention," and based on the three great Motown-inspired lo-fi tracks I've heard from the group thus far, they kind of nailed that. "Tell It in My Ear" may or may not be the best of the bunch, but it has been on repeat all morning. Play it loud:

fergus & geronimo :: tell it in my ear

Fergus & Geronimo have releases planned on the consistently awesome Woodsist and Troubleman Unlimited labels in the near future, so I'm guessing you'll be hearing from them again soon.



Our weekly Sirius XM Blog Radio show airs today at noon Eastern (and again at midnight) on Sirius XMU. This week's episode features brand new music from Woods, Grouper, the Golden Filter, El Perro Del Mar, Kurt Vile, DOOM, and more. You can listen online with a free trial here. Check this week's playlist + some mp3s after the jump...


gorilla vs. bear blog radio :: april 2

1. the tough alliance :: hung up on a dream (the zombies cover)
2. polly scattergood :: please don't touch (the golden filter dub mix)
3. the knife :: heartbeats
4. bullion :: are you the one?
5. j dilla :: last donut of the night
6. DOOM :: gazillion ear
7. woods :: rain on
8. kurt vile :: beach on the moon (recycled lyrics)
9. grouper :: rising height
10. animal collective :: daily routine
11. fever ray :: when i grow up (version by lissvik)
12. fever ray :: keep the streets empty for me
13. el perro del mar :: change of heart
14. grizzly bear :: cheerleader
15. cryptacize :: blue tears
16. ancient crux :: in teen dreams
17. dum dum girls :: jail la la
18. white denim :: you can't say
19. the mayfair set :: desert fun
20. twinsistermoon :: bride of the spirts
21. vashti bunyan :: train song
22. sharon van etten :: for you
23. la roux :: in for the kill (skream remix)
24. trailer trash tracys :: strangling good guys
25. grouper :: heavy water (phaseone edit)
26. danger mouse x jay z :: public service announcement
27. sparklehorse :: apple bed
28. joanna newsom :: sadie


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The grouper MP3 is the Tough Alliance cover...

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMAZING !!!!! show this week!!

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell it in my ear...sounds like they must be diggin the Barbaras' "Summertime Road"

9:56 PM  
Blogger Falco98 said...

I just wanted to add that Joanna Newsom is vastly under-represented on Sirius these days. Props to you guys for doing your part. I'm still dying to see further exploration of Ys on the airwaves (they played out Monkey and Bear back when they were ordered to i guess, but then never gave any of the other tracks much of a chance). But of course, whatever you can do.

2:41 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I dig the touch of Sam Cooke/Wonderful World they have going on.

7:37 PM  

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