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Thursday, May 28, 2009

drums of fire

madlib in paris (photo)

Madlib dropped this adventurous 30 minute set live on Paris' Radio Nova earlier this week:

madlib :: live on radio nova (paris) (21 mb)

[if anyone can ID any of the African stuff on this thing, it would be much appreciated]



Also found at Stones Throw in a brief piece about Madlib's European tour: an incredible "avant-garde afro-jazz" track from Mor Thiam's (aka Akon's dad) highly coveted (and ridiculously rare/expensive) 1973 Drums of Fire record:

mor thiam :: ayo ayo nene


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Blogger Samuel said...

I know the track that starts at around 9:45 is Bola Johnson and His Easy Life - Ezuku Buzo. That track is on the Nigeria 70: Lagos Jumps compilation on Strut Records. That one jumped out, but I will let you know if I can hear anything else. Anyone know the breaks at 22:00 and 27:15?

11:19 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

nice thanks man!

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Sexface said...

Wait, Akon's dad?

10:51 AM  
Anonymous theres no place like home said...

cant wait to listen

6:27 PM  
Anonymous jeffxprince said...

nice track! cant wait to listen more! good luck!

11:22 AM  

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