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Thursday, May 28, 2009

GvsB sirius/xm blog radio

Our weekly Sirius XM Blog Radio show airs today at noon Eastern (and again at midnight) on Sirius XMU. This week's episode features brand new music from Major Lazer, Pariah, Dem Hunger, Tiny Vipers, Vibes, Basement Jaxx, Burial & Four Tet, the xx, and more. You can listen online with a free trial here. Check this week's playlist + some mp3s after the jump...


gorilla vs. bear blog radio :: may 28

1. major lazer :: can't stop now
2. real estate :: beach comber
3. vibes :: night court
4. phoenix :: lisztomania (classixx version)
5. the xx :: crystalised
6. the zombies :: leave me be
7. pariah :: detroit falls
8. dem hunger :: police rasta
9. burial & four tet :: moth
10. the intelligence :: thank you god for fixing the tape machine
11. the mayfair set :: already warm
12. night control :: don't try
13. fever ray :: when i grow up (version by lissvik)
14. vega :: no reasons
15. the big pink :: velvet (gang gang dance remix)
16. tiny vipers :: dreamer
17. acrylics :: molly's vertigo
18. trailer trash tracys :: strangling good guys
19. basement jaxx :: raindrops
20. the field :: the more that i do (foals remix)
21. a mountain of one :: lie awake
22. neon indian :: deadbeat summer
23. the outcasts :: loving you sometimes
24. the big pink :: too young to love
25. karen dalton :: in the evening
26. family portrait :: mega secrets
27. grouper :: rising height


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you play "well known pleasures" by vega or post it? that would rock, thanks!

mike in va

11:19 AM  
Anonymous music news said...

damn. I didn't know you guys had radio.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know you play them sometimes on your blog radio show but i'm interested to hear what you think of the new album by the shivers.

3:55 PM  

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