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Sunday, June 07, 2009

legends of benin

For their fifth release, the incredible Analog Africa label has compiled 14 "super rare and highly danceable masterpieces recorded between 1969 -1981 by four legendary composers from Benin" on the aptly titled Legends of Benin. I'm really digging the whole thing at the moment, especially Gnonnas Pedro's stirring "agbadja modern" and the blazing "afro-funk-soul" of El Rego et sus Commandos. On par with last year's badass African Scream Contest comp, and the cover art (above) looks really nice too. Worth tracking down on 2xLP if you can; should be more widely available later this month.

gnonnas pedro & his dadjes band :: la musica en vérité

el rego et sus commandos :: feeling you got



One of our favorite photographers is set to release a collaborative project with model Joni Harbeck later this year. The book, entitled Pulp, will feature more than 200 of Neil Krug's dreamlike images; here's the new "commercial" for the project:

[if you're into it, you can purchase limited prints here]


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Blogger Ndilyo said...

i think flying lotus sampled ""feeling you got" for "infinitum"...

6:55 AM  
Anonymous andy rogers said...

Hey! Cool blog! I just stumbled on your blog and now I'm a dedicated reader. I'll be coming back often. Nice post!

9:02 AM  
Blogger Clarity said...

marvelous find - El Rego reminds me of a rocky James Brown but I like this better. Cool Blog.

9:31 AM  

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