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Monday, June 22, 2009



You might recall Chaz Bundick -- aka Toro Y Moi -- from his awesome dreamy/fuzzy lo-fi pop songs that we posted recently. Well Chaz has another project called Les Sins, in which he makes blissful, shimmering disco-house jams that are pulsating and repetitive but also kind of dreamy, like this one:

LES SINS :: lina

And, in case you missed these the first time around, from Chaz's other project:

toro y moi :: talamak
toro y moi :: blessa



SALEM [photo]

While we wait patiently for their full-length, check this insane and dizzying juke/crunk/goth/??? mix that SALEM recently put together for 20 Jazzfunkgreats [tracklist here]. 

SALEM :: XXJFG mix (37 mb)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's just me but I can't get the LES SINS track to play correctly in winamp or WMP. Tried saving in different browsers too.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Bo said...

man, i am really surprised at how much i like the stuff this guy is kicking out. good find.

9:47 PM  

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