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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

police & thieves

We introduced the colorful, vaguely tropical French pop of London/Toulon's Get Back Guinozzi almost a year ago, describing their sound at the time as an "adorable, playful union between Deerhoof, '60s yé-yé, Tropicalia, and maybe some vintage Slits." We hadn't heard much from them since then, but we got word today that the group's debut full-length is finally due this fall on Fat Cat. First up, though, is their debut 7" single Low Files Tropical, due September 14 on the label. The b-side is this infectious cover of Junior Murvin classic "Police & Thieves":

get back guinozzi :: police & thieves (junior murvin)


The demo version of the title track from their debut album, due in October '09 on Fat Cat:

get back guinozzi :: carpet madness (demo)



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