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Thursday, August 20, 2009

glory gongs

glory gongs

Forest Swords has a new limited cassette (150 copies) due soon on Woven Tones. Dude makes like a modern day, fully submerged/dubbed-out Morricone on title track "Glory Gongs," showcasing more of the soulful, immersive, and utterly cinematic (see video, below) drone-step that made us fall in love with "Miarches" in the first place:

forest swords :: glory gongs

The Glory Gongs cassette is available for pre-order now; worth grabbing for the b-side alone, which apparently finds Forest Swords "channeling late R&B sovereign Aaliyah, reforming her 'If Your Girl Only Knew.'"


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Anonymous Mangtooth said...

very very weird .. i posted "Miarches" as my song of the day today AND preordered the new cassette .. then i saw your post.

Good looks my friend .. great minds think alike

10:17 AM  
Anonymous uwmryan said...

what a name

1:16 PM  
Anonymous DDdaave said...

Seriously next level jams. So good.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Georgie said...

Hey Chris --

I'm really enjoying the grainy vintage imagery as of late on the show invites and elsewhere. Great track, too - thanks.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Songs said...

Yeah, it is indeed something new.. Glad to be able to hear something like this again... it's been a long time..

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Fark said...

Georgie - the image is actually the Glory Gongs tape cover by the looks of the bands Myspace. This is such a hypnotic/chill song (+ vid).

12:45 PM  

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