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Monday, August 31, 2009

magic sequence

Our friends at Acephale sent over this new mix from Memory Tapes, featuring various unreleased tracks/remixes/surprises, including a couple of jams from his excellent upcoming Seek Magic LP. You can also grab new song "Plain Material" below...

memory tapes :: magic sequence (68 mb)
memory tapes :: plain material

Full "Magic Sequence" tracklist after the jump...


1. clip from SEEK MAGIC bonus disc
2. Memory Tapes "Green Knight"
3. East Hundred "Hammerhead (Weird Tapes Version)"
4. Memory Tapes "Bicycle (garage boombox take)"
5. clip from SEEK MAGIC bonus disc
6. Memory Tapes "Plain Material"
8. Fools Gold "Nadine (Memory Tapes Version)"
9. clip from SEEK MAGIC bonus disc


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Blogger me said...

I have to say... This blog has been blowing up my mp3 player for a few weeks now.

I recently ordered and received the MEMORY CASSETTE Call & Response 7" and have fallen in love with it, and everything else I'm hearing from the memorycassette/tape/ canon, and I just digging the blog in general.

Nice job, everyone.

(aka the Chaperone)

4:21 PM  

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