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Monday, August 24, 2009

memory tapes x fool's gold

Memory Tapes lends his warped, magical brand of nostalgia to this extended version of "Nadine," from L.A. collective/supergroup Fool's Gold:

fool's gold :: nadine (memory tapes version)

The original version of "Nadine" appears on Fool's Gold's self-titled debut LP, out September 29 on IAMSOUND.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMAZING....man this is good

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:25 AM  
Blogger pedro.martinez said...

Beautiful mind...

There's no doubt about SY's choice.
Let's pray for a TTA/Air France remix.

I ask this Memory Amazing Boy to do one for AVNER!

"Beg for Mig" or "Jenny". Pretty please.

Avner is a miracle! He deserves to be filled with some extraordinary stardust-talent from Memory Boy or even Washed Out!

Make this possible, Gorilla!

Ask them to do this!
Let's make this dream come true.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Gorillan said...

New Memory Tapes at MySpace...

9:04 AM  

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