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Monday, September 21, 2009

don't lie

I'm a bit surprised at how little attention the great new debut LP from San Francisco's the Mantles has received of late (aside from some message board props and the occasional breathless, spot-on blog post). The band makes hazy, vaguely psychedelic, and consistently awesome garage pop that recalls the Chills and other assorted '80s Dunedin Sound disciples. Here's the original version of album standout "Don't Lie;" The Mantles is out now Siltbreeze.

the mantles :: don't lie (7" version)


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Blogger scoot said...

about time. this LP is bonkers.

8:32 PM  
Blogger jay said...

the dunedin bands sounded the way they did because of the limitations of their recording technology (chris knox's 4-track initially), but the moment they could record anything higher-fidelity, they did. just listen to the crispness of the recording of "submarine bells" or even "vehicle" from the clean. even "brave words" sounds better than this.

the thing is, in 2009, there's no excuse for drums to sound this weak and rickety or for a voice to sound that hazy. it's a good melody and a good hook. and i think it's a good performance, but the obtuse recording gets in the way. i know it's an aesthetic choice, and frankly, i really like the song.

but this sound is so everywhere right now and mostly it's just boring. if you want to compare something to the chills, just listen to the damn chills because they were absolutely phenomenal and still don't get any attention. or turn people on to their contemporaries like the verlaines and the clean and tall dwarfs.


thanks for the rec. it's a pretty sweet jam. but i'm going to go listen to soft bomb instead.

10:18 PM  
OpenID naturalismo said...

I gotta say I saw these dudes a bit back and they...is this the same band? What an addicting song. Thanks for the heads up.. trying to put together a big post about all things garage SF at the moment. Definitely something in the water here right now..

11:00 PM  
Anonymous georgia k said...

yeah, def. addicting. my thoughts:

2:52 PM  

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