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Thursday, October 29, 2009

mp3: new nite jewel | "we want our things"

L.A.'s Nite Jewel can probably be considered something of a dreambeat/hypnagogic-pop pioneer at this point (she was around all the way back in 2008), but this track from her new You F O European-only tour CD-r is a little darker and more along the lines of how the '80s actually sounded, as opposed to a chillwavier hazy-borrowed-nostalgia-via-warped-cassette version of how the '80s sounded. The whole EP is great (also features NJ's last single "Falling Far") and worth tracking down if you happen to be in Europe, or maybe Ramona will still have some spare copies on her upcoming dates with Neon Indian. [thanks to our Portuguese friend Marco for the tip]

nite jewel :: we want our things


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Anonymous Malte Max said...

I think I love everything that woman does.

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