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Monday, October 05, 2009

the soft pack x phoenix

Phoenix keep the free "remixes" coming: here, The Soft Pack (formerly the the Muslims) turns "Fences" into one of their signature Strokes-esque detached garage jams. The band says:
"Phoenix are these cool French guys. We recorded our version of “Fences” with Rob Barbato of Darker My Love. Tim from Darker My Love played the cool guitar lead. It was a fun and challenging experience..."
phoenix :: fences (the soft pack version)

Also from the Phoenix diary, a remix from one of the Passion Pit dudes:

phoenix :: love like a sunset (shuttle remix)



phoenix :: rome (neighbors with devendra banhart remix)
phoenix :: love like a sunset (animal collective remix)


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Blogger lydia said...

the soft pack version is amazing!! i keep changing my mind about my favorite phoenix remix..

2:40 PM  

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