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Monday, November 09, 2009

new strange boys :: "be brave"

Be Brave is the forthcoming album from Austin's the Strange Boys. The record's due in February, but you can take a listen to the title track now at the group's myspace page. Look for a "Be Brave" 7" single in January on Rough Trade/In The Red.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

like these dudes, feel like i 'understand' what they're doing. think the beets are slightly 'better' relative to the genre.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange boys kick @$$!! They play garage rock with let-loose abandon and have the hooks to keep you tapping your toes all the while. See they live and be a fan forever. Can't wait for the new record to drop!

10:42 AM  
Anonymous yurple said...

these guys made my days

7:50 PM  

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