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Saturday, January 02, 2010

i've got the ocean for you

Ottawa/Bologna's His Clancyness sent over this brand new song, taken from his upcoming, as-yet-untitled Mirror Universe Tapes release. "Mistify the Ocean" -- misspelling intentional, I assume -- is a hazy, wistful slowdance that falls somewhere between the gently lilting melancholy of his "Misinterpret My Words" and his dreamy, Shins-leaning pop gem "Ottawa Backfired Soon":

his clancyness :: mistify the ocean



Say Goodbye to What is the new limited 7" single from London producer Bullion, officially due out on January 25. Edition of 40, but as of right now, only 6 remain (EDIT: sold out), and purchase of the 7" comes with immediate 320/FLAC download. The a-side is more of the hauntingly catchy, sample-laden (Klaus Nomi in this case) psych-pop that this dude does so well:

Bullion :: Say Goodbye to What


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

'mystify the ocean' is pure love.
ive got the ocean...for youuu

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Alex Chase said...

Bullion 7" is an edition of 1000, but only 40 of them are available from the bandcamp. Just to clear that up.

2:11 AM  

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